Unilever Vacancy 2018 for Distribution Requirement Planner, Application Details

Unilever Vacancy 2018 for Distribution Requirement Planner, Application Details

Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Unilever Job Vacancy 2018Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Unilever Job Vacancy 2018

  • Fully responsible for stocks conformance at all ESA (East and Southern Africa) distribution centers (ensure stock norms are kept.)
  • To maintain finished goods stock levels on consolidation warehouse as per the inventory policies individually set for storage location/SKU.
  • To create distribution model and deployment plans for new/modified product launches/promo campaigns.
  • To maintain and analyze tolerances for supply alerts.
  • Manage innovations across the ESA distribution centers.
  • Participate in costing exercise of the finished products.
  • Ensure ICSA, ICQA and SLAs are in place with Unilever SU’s (Intercompany Sourcing Agreement/Intercompany Quality Agreement and Service Level Agreements).
  • Responsible for optimizing overall stock holding by reviewing stock model for finished goods into the specific ESA country.
  • Drive Business Waste improvements and supply distribution cost reductions.
  • Generate cost savings by transport optimization.
  • To deliver the finished goods replenishment plan for export markets by calculating replenishment requirements on all levels of the primary supply chain on a weekly & monthly basis based on market demand.
  • To ensure availability of timely and accurate information for the replenishment requirements and deployment plans for the export markets.
  • Identify potential inventory liabilities / issues and escalate.
  • To manage exceptional requests through the supply chain to ensure the most effective response whilst balancing the needs of the end market, other customers and Operations.
  • To contribute to regular reviews of inventory policies for finished goods and on storage location/SKU level.
  • Reduce distribution center freight costs resulting from coordinated shipments.
  • Reduce inventory levels by accurately determining what product is needed and by when.
  • Decrease warehouse space requirements because of inventory reductions.
  • Reduce customer freight costs because of fewer back orders.
  • Improve inventory viability and coordination between logistics and manufacturing.
  • Enhance budgeting capability by effectively simulating inventory and transportation requirements under multiple planning scenarios.
  • Work with planning and marketing department to improve ability to anticipate shortages in advance and mitigate them.
  • Improved inventory coordination with other enterprise functions by facilitating a common set of planning numbers.
  • To ensure the distribution plan provides high product availability whilst maintaining the most optimal stock levels and resource utilization.
  • To prepare reports on Inventory planning data to enable the control cycle to be executed on time.
  • Maintain relevant planning data in SAP to facilitate accurate planning and execution
  • Align distribution plans across Service and NPI Functions and be aware of all product/EM requirements to ensure smooth transition during project changes
  • Highlight any shortfalls or risks on delivering exceptional customer requirements
  • To effectively build, manage and improve upon relationships between the Planning function, Service team, end market supply/distribution teams and NPI.
  • Continually seek out opportunities for improvement within operations to deliver improved business results and the elimination of financial waste within the cluster
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Operations, Logistics, Business Administration, Supply Chain or any other relevant subject.
  • At least 4years supply chain experience preferably in exports transport planning
  • Strong SAP knowledge and skills especially Order to Cash
  • Previous experience of transport planning ideally in the FMCG or manufacturing environment
  • Strong IT systems knowledge and skills including advanced Excel skills
  • Understanding of country specific export regulations for East & Southern Africa.
  • Knowledge and experience in inventory management
  • Good understanding of supply chain processes and their interdependencies
  • Understanding of supplier relationships and some experience of working with suppliers
  • Knowledge on lean techniques and continuous improvement program may be advantageous
  • Commitment to work towards professional accreditation with an industry related body

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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