Trees for the Future Job Vacancy 2018 for Lead Technician, Application Details

Trees for the Future Job Vacancy 2018 for Lead Technician, Application Details

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Trees for the Future job Vacancy 2018 Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Trees for the Future Job Vacancy 2018

A Trees for the Future (TREES) Lead Technician (LT) is responsible for the successful management and implementation of a Forest Garden Project. The LT will work closely with Farmer Groups and individual project farmers, spread out among numerous subcounties within Homabay County. S/he is responsible for: coordinating and managing all project activities and the Assistant Technician(s); liaising with Lead Farmers of each Farmer Group to schedule and facilitate implementation of project activities; purchasing and arranging distribution of all project tools, planting materials, etc.; organizing and conducting all training activities; creating project budgets and timelines and visiting farmers’ Forest Garden sites regularly to provide technical support and to conduct data collection and evaluation.

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Lead Technician Job Responsibilities

  • Identifies and mobilizes Farmer Groups and Lead Farmers for participation in the Project;
  • Hires, supervises, and diseminsates all necessary information in a timely manner to the Assistant Technician(s) where needed;
  • Collaborates with the Country Coordinator to develop and execute Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs);
  • Develops project plans for all participating Farmer Groups that account for all Project activities, material acquisition and distribution, training events, monitoring & evaluation, reporting etc., and effectively manages all activities in accordance with the schedule and Project budget;
  • Organizes and executes training events pursuant to TREES training program design;
  • Communicates with Lead Farmers and participating farmers regularly to organize and accomplish training and extension activities, provide technical support including organic field recipies for all plant and animal management, and collect M&E data;
  • Mentors participants and Lead Farmers, through training and regular follow-up support, on TREES technical/best practices;
  • Ensures timely data collection and report submission, including the weekly Technician Reporting Spreadsheet, to Country Coordinator on all program activities, per TREES reporting requirements and deadlines;
  • Helps to develop and manage the Project budget and expenditures;
  • Maintains financial documentation and submits financial reports per TREES reporting requirements and deadlines to Country Coordinator;
  • Helps to develop all Project goals per the project scope, timeline, and budget and conduct activities accordingly;
  • Assists with the development and/or translation of locally appropriate training materials;
  • Provides information and accomplishes additional tasks in a timely manner as requested by Country Coordinator, Program Directors, and HQ.

Qualifications for the Lead Technician Job

  • University degree in relevant field (e.g. agroforestry, forestry, agriculture, etc), OR a minimum of five years of demonstrated degree of achievement in agriculture, preferably in agroforestry and sustainable agriculture (e.g. through demonstrated success and innovation in gardening, forestry, or agroforestry)
  • Three years’ experience with field project management and supervision
  • Demonstrated experience with participatory training facilitation
  • Skilled in behavior change methods that may require implementing new and perhaps unfamiliar technologies in the field
  • Able to be stationed in the appropriate base of the Project site for the duration of the Project
  • A valid motorcycle license with a history of safe motorcycle operation (preferable) OR an ability and willingness to take courses and obtain a motorcycle license
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and preferably the local language(s)
  • Excellent computer skills including Excel and smart phone utilization

Required Attributes

  • Committed leader and team player
  • Focused, disciplined, and determined
  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Innovative and collaborative
  • Open to new ideas
  • Patient and flexible
  • Able to effectively manage multiple project leaders and participants.

How to Apply

Send applications and CVs to not later than

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