Home Admissions Admission Letters Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letter 2019/2020: Download KUCCPS TUM Admission Letters

Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letter 2019/2020: Download KUCCPS TUM Admission Letters

Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letter 2019/2020: Download KUCCPS TUM Admission Letters… Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letter has been released for the 2019/2020 academic year.

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Technical University of Mombasa

Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letters 2019/2020, Download TUM Admission Letter, Technical University of Mombasa KUCCPS Admission Letter 2019… Full details below…

We are pleased to announce that Candidates who have been admitted to the Technical University of Mombasa in the 2019/2020 session can now download their admission letters from the Technical University of Mombasa, TUM student portal.

The official Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letter is a document that indicates that you have been offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a University.

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TUM Admission Letters contains information about the school offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course, basically everything you need to know about your admission. See Lists of Admission Letters of all Kenya Institution here.

How to Download Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letters 2019/2020

Before you proceed to Download your Technical University of Mombasa Admission Letter, it’s recommended to check your KUCCPS admission status on the portal — Click here to Check KUCCPS Admission Lists for all institutions

After confirming your TUM Admission Status, you can then proceed to Technical University of Mombasa Admission Portal: http://www.tum.ac.ke/admissions to Download your Admission letter.
  • Goto the TUM Admission Portal via: http://www.tum.ac.ke/admissions
  • Login with your Application Details, i.e Your username and password or index number.
  • Navigate to the Admission Letter section to download and print your admission letter.

NOTE: Admission Letters will be available for Download on institution’s Portal.

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  1. I was successfully placed in TUM, to pursue technology in electrical and automation engineering at diploma level
    and haven’t receive any notification about admission . I wish to inquire if the letters have been dispatched

  2. Comment:I was placed to join TUM and u haven’t gotten any message notifying me to download the admission letter. I need your help

  3. Comment:where are the admission letters for this institution because I was placed here an unfortunately I can’t download the letter

  4. Comment:i was place in tum and yet i have not received a notification directing me to download the letter…plx assist

  5. Comment: why are u saying the admission letters have been released yet on the portal there is nothing…..need some anwers?

  6. i cant find any admission letter of tum and i was placed in your university. please how can i get admission letter bcoz its not in your portal

  7. Comment:majamaa hao watu wanatuchezea I keep on downloading the letter but nothing is coming out so I would like them to give us clear procedure on how to download it apart from what they are telling us here to do

  8. Walai wats not hapng nmebaki tu confused admssn letters zkoapi nmejaribu kudownlod yet cpati chochote….heee n cku zinayoyoma joo….

  9. Comment:TUM administration staff
    please be more concerned about our admission letters
    it’s getting too late and we are getting worried and losing hope

  10. Comment:I called yesterday there phone number and I was informed that the admission letters will be ready by the end of June these month for more information contact me plz 0795606737 and if you in need of there phone number you can download there fees structure there is available there

  11. I haven’t found my admission letter and its just a month to september,,,kindly assist me with the admission letter

  12. Even Me I Am Asking For Support Of Getting Admission Letter Please. MyDgtz 0792500496 If U Are Willing To Assist Me

    • i have also tried my level best to download the letter after even getting the message naambiwa the site cant be reached….surely this is giving me too much stress

  13. Comment:wooi! someone said the end of june letters will ready, now june si imeisha? we need to get our letters, kwan march intake ndo iko most considered?

  14. guys..we all have the same problem… Wacha nitengeneze wazup group tujuane huko any update tupatane huko… unaweza nitext Kwa 0792731794..ili uingie.. in the mean time tutaanza na wenye wameeka contacts zao hapa.. and plzz participate juu hata helb iko karibu kufungwa na admission hatuna kitu najua ni reporting date 3rd sep

  15. hahaha my friends dont get worried,all shall be well,i have called the and watch out very soon as from 2moro#4-7-2018,for more information call me on 0707205481/0752232885,me too joining tum september

  16. Guys be patient please..hakuna mtu amepata admission letter….nilicall wakasema zitakua ready by 4th july.. Ata mimi am tired of waiting walai….

  17. Uuuui The demons in me are starting to wake up just because of the delayed admission letters…. Somebody help… Ukipata just call me ara kama ni saa nane usiku… 0717674087

  18. Comment:OK Tum am getting worried bana…..wdup..I need my admission letter too bana…..0729764072 niambieni kama mkona yangu ala…nmechoka kungoja

  19. like serious tuko July na bado sijapata admission letter yangu …..guys Niko frastruted kimpango msee any akipata ….kindly watsapp me 0746184082

  20. Comment:mazee tum seriously tuko July nabado sijapata admission letter yangu …guys Niko frustrated kimpango ….msee atapata wa kwanza kindly watsapp me 0746184082. …..

  21. Comment:Tum administration plz be serious on admission letters….tumechoka kungoja.Give exact information on when the letters will be unveiled

  22. Comment:my mum is on fire bcz i hove not yet received my letter. so for sure stop kidding and be mature enough. we need your letters!!!

  23. Comment:weeh nadai kuenda shule atakama si somi Nana nikaenjoi life so wasee wah TUM wanaousika na hii shughuli nitapataje anguh aki….0798957367nijegwe wat to do

  24. hi guys….if anyone gets a link on how to get the admission letter please let me know…guys from other institutions wamepata zao na sisi bado….its alarming.

  25. waliojoin last year walipata zao end july 26th sio june . mtulie zitatumwa tu.anggalia website yao utaona hapo place ya addmission 2017

  26. i need my admission letter..Tum its not fun what your doing, keeping us stranded.. mara june, mara early july….. Tumechoka kungoja…….but tutangoja tu,, ama niaji wasee? Fom ni kuwa patience….. Hii jina patience nmeona maana yake sasa…. 0706375838. am for september intake by kuccps..bachelor of med lab with IT

  27. Comment: i finally got mine yesterday bt xema kuhangaika! imgn imetolewa nairobi na nko vihiga! tena ilxumbua the whole day

  28. the letters shall delay forever..you are expected all to join next year may 2019..don’t stress up here dirtying the page

  29. HELLO,guys the letters are out and its a long process moreso if u are where internet not strong you wil sweat,however you can call this boy atakusaidia 0707205481/0752232885,its only 450/=,and u wil have the letter he did for me and my friends too.

  30. HELLO,I was able to download my daughters’ admn letter dated 22nd july.I can confirm that the letters have bn uploaded to the university’s website my no is 0729248671

  31. Aki thanks,im now happy i have my letter,i got help from this boy anaitwa Andrew,contact 070720548/0752232885,i read a comment from mercy and once i called him he did it for me,if u need help call atakusaidia

  32. Aki thanks,im now happy i have my letter,i got help from this boy anaitwa Andrew,contact 0707205481/0752232885,i read a comment from mercy and once i called him he did it for me,if u need help call atakusaidia

  33. Kama umeshindwa kudownload find Help from 0707205481,anaitwa Andrew,he is so honest ,im happy i can confirm nmepata yangu just bcoz of him,Thanks Andrew i love u,

  34. Comment:it has been an headache to me on how to download adm letter…..ka umepata yako pliz need your help..txt0710844733

  35. i applied for a diploma in architecture at tum on july.have not yet received any notification..please inform me when will the letter be dispatched.

  36. Comment:0741249222 contact ..this no. he’s an official in tum .. he will help . av received mine via posta . their website has some issues .


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