Tala Job Vacancies For Collections Team Lead, Application Details

Tala Job Vacancies For Collections Team Lead, Application Details

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Tala is seeking an experienced Collections Team Lead with a minimum of 3 years of progressive experience in the Banking/Microfinance/Financial sector.


  • Own Collections KPIs and work with team towards achieving them each day/month/year:
  • Monitor early and Late Stage Cure and Liquidation, to ensure team performance meet the expected business targets.
  • Keep track of ,RPC, Contact Rate, PTP Conversion Rate, PTP reminders and daily expected collections to ensure achievement of daily target.
  • Manage incentive, rewards and overtime tracking.
  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly allocation of accounts to agents, daily collection reports and shift planning.
  • Monitor collection trends/recommendations to be shared with the collections manager.
  • Handles complaints or difficult calls
  • Own culture KPI of maintaining low unwanted attrition through recommending and implementing proper reward/recognition programs
  • Identifies areas of the collection process that need improvement and implements an enhanced process that will help collectors be more effective.
  • Tracks the rate of success of the entire process and continues to make adjustments when necessary.
  • Trains new employees and holds training reviews for established employees.


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  • Expertise and focus in empathy, trust, and speed of customer service issues.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities of: humility, service, efficiency, management, goal attainment, team motivation, and communication.
  • Clear understanding of collections call models.
  • Experience creating reports to monitor individual collections performance
  • Ability to perform analysis with data to make recommendations for new collections strategies
  • Experience training team members on systems and process.
  • Demonstrated expertise of team KPIS.
  • Strong decision-making and conflict resolution skills.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally verbally and in writing.
  • Maintains a positive attitude. Can rally team even in times of adversity and challenges.
  • At least 3 years managing collections teams for a local consumer lender.
  • Strong probing, communication, problem solving and decision makes skills to effectively resolve complex customer and employee issues
  • Ability to work efficiently in a high demand, team oriented, and fast-paced environment.

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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