Standard Bank Group Job Vacancies 2018 for Manager, Supply Chain Finance

Standard Bank Group Job Vacancies 2018 for Manager, Supply Chain Finance

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To achieve profitability of the assigned supplier and distributor finance portfolio within PBB and CIB ecosystem through identifying opportunities for providing finance solutions related working capital finance, asset finance, term loans etc.

To deliver value and growth for distributor and supplier financing, by driving and integrating the operational plans and strategic sales directives in alignment with the Business Banking strategy

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Profitability and revenue management Outputs and measures
Responsible for the achievement of overall operation, achievement of sales targets and ROE for the assigned distributor and supplier chain finance portfolio.

Evaluates ways to optimise revenue streams and focus market management efforts to increase revenue through the ecosystem.

Identify the value chain of key large corporates (distributors and suppliers – ecosystem) and targets these clients to sell finance solutions and improve profitability for the bank.

Provide input related to the design and development; and pricing of products aimed at providing finance solutions to distributors and suppliers based on market research and understanding of customer needs.

Present proposed finance solutions to distributors and suppliers to the Business Assessment and Credit Committees respectively for approval.

Works with relationship bankers to present proposals for finance solutions (loans and advances, new product proposals, additions and modifications) to credit committees at all levels as necessary, to ensure the business and other stakeholders understand and are able to make a decision on key requirements.

Keep abreast of local market dynamics in order to identify changes, risks and opportunities; and collates and reports information about market conditions and competitor activity.

Utilises MIS to monitor operational activity, progress and results in order to take action where required.

Monitors the cost-to-income ratios to ensure maximum profitability and efficiency in accordance with budget objectives. Monitors all unit costs for the area.

Sales and service Outputs and measures
Leverage and optimises people, resources, channels, business and risk controls in line with market potential to maximise business growth, retention and profitability targets.

Develop and drive measures and manages the sales plan in support of the Business Banking sales strategic objectives.

Identify leads within the ecosystems and direct to the relevant Business Banking relationship bankers and work with them to convert the leads to profitable business for the bank.

Identify business opportunities and develops tactics/ sales plan to leverage these; and keep abreast of market developments and market potential, adjusting sales targets and tactics accordingly.

Implement processes to monitor and manage Distributors and Suppliers’ capacity to leverage market potential.
Manage the proactive sales calling programme for distributors and suppliers, i.e. contact key clients (top 20 distributors and suppliers) in collaboration with the relationship bankers in order to understand customer needs, offer finance solutions with view to increasing volumes of business written as well as strengthening relationships.

Utilise MIS and work with Finance to review performance and profitability and to work with the relationship bankers in completing the CVCA and Sales Force tools in order strengthen the selling process.

Drive a culture of service excellence by planning, monitoring and managing the implementation and continuous enforcement of service level agreements internally with interdependent business areas (e.g. credit, account maintenance etc., service standards and service initiatives) when servicing customers.

Develop strategies and tactics to retain market share through improvement of existing service level standards and by ensuring that service tactics support the sales strategy.

Attend to the resolution of customer complaints escalated through the relationship bankers as related to distributors and suppliers; resolve or direct customer queries accordingly (e.g. service, pricing etc.).

Work with relationship manager to conduct root cause analysis to address and resolve customer issues; and to prevent recurrence.

Conduct upskilling to relationship bankers about distributor and supplier market in order ensure the development of the required sales and service competencies.

Risk and compliance management Outputs and measures
Adheres to internal risk management requirements and external regulatory requirements (e.g. distributor license requirements) as per predefined requirements

Conducts Know Your Customer (KYC) as per defined procedures and compliance requirements.
Conducts a needs analysis to identify customer needs effectively when selling advances or giving product advice, in line with regulatory requirements.

Completes disclosure to the customers in terms of accreditation, service fees, and commission, in accordance with the KYC guidelines

Conducts a needs analysis prior to opening new accounts or providing finance solutions recommendations.
Adheres to all internal risk related policies and guidelines, including KYC.
Keeps proper records in terms of local financial legislation and regulatory requirements.
Facilitates a sound working partnership with Credit to stimulate business growth without compromising the quality of lending and risk.

Ensures that the distributors and suppliers are informed in the general knowledge and application of bank credit principles and practices.

Provides input and arbitration of credit decisions where required.

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Preferred Qualification and Experience

Strong academic track record- Minimum university undergraduate degree
Computer Literacy

Ability to understand, interpret and conduct financial statements analysis will be an added advantage
Awareness/knowledge of the full range of Banking products and services (including Operational products, Electronic Banking, Treasury, Foreign Trade.

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

Good knowledge of trade finance products available globally, their features, applications and potential improvements and to combine these with the ability to translate these into the local market

In-depth knowledge of the local market, customers and competitors
Ability to communicate at all levels of the organization both internally & externally
Ability to keep abreast on changes in the market, customer requirements, competitors responses and the bank’s ability to use information to identify new business opportunities

Strong interpersonal, communication, presentation and organizational skills
Comprehensive knowledge of banking operations.
Organizational and people management skills.
Strong analytical skills

Relevant business related tertiary qualification particularly in the Commercial field (Business flavour), e.g. business related degree qualification.
Strong numerical skills and financial acumen to analyse evaluate and identify trends in complex consolidated financial statements, balance sheets and ratios.
A sound understanding of cash – flow cycles pertaining to the industry being analysed.
A good knowledge of financial spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel) to capture and analyse financial data.
Good knowledge of general banking practices and procedures.
A good understanding of the principles and practices of business economics and the current business economic environment.
A good current knowledge of different industry sectors and sector risk profiles/ trends; this includes an understanding of the impact of climactic conditions on the agricultural market (if there are agric clients in the portfolio).
A thorough knowledge of multi-level products available to business banking customers (features & benefits) and pricing structures.

A good knowledge of financial investment options, vehicle and asset finance and electronic banking options for lead generation purposes.

A good knowledge of competitor offerings and structures.
A sound knowledge and understanding of Credit principles and practices, including an understanding of credit application, securities and balance sheet requirements.

A strong working knowledge of the terms and conditions of multiple legal entities (companies, close corporations, sole proprietorships etc.) in the commercial market and the legislative restrictions & requirements governing these from a financial services perspective.

How to Apply

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