SHOFCO Job Vacancy for ECD Teacher, Application Details

SHOFCO Job Vacancy for ECD Teacher, Application Details

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Working Hours: Monday – Friday | 7:30.00 AM – 4:30PM

To be responsible for accurately and efficiently managing a class and childcare duties following all guidelines as per plan.

Responsibilities for the ECD Teacher Job

  • Manage Organize, implement, coordinate, and control services of the childcare program.
  • Set up and maintain an organized and clutter free environment safe for the children.
  • Supervise children/infants at all times.
  • Oversee the assigned day care attendants.
  • Submit and implement a weekly themed lesson plan.
  • Ensure proper child guidance.
  • Conduct progress assessment and file reports for children
  • Assist in feeding the children during meals.
  • Coordinate parent partnership plan to ensure effective child care and protection.

ECD Teacher Job Qualifications

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Child friendly with no previous record of child abuse

Behavioural Competencies

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  • Articulating information
  • Adopting practical approaches
  • Managing tasks
  • Taking action  Establishing rapport
  • Valuing individuals
  • Inviting feedback
  • Understanding people

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send their applications together with a detailed CV to the HR Manager,[email protected]  quoting their current and expected salaries. Applications without this information will not be considered. DO NOT ATTACH TESTIMONIALS at this point. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted on a rolling basis.

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