Sanivation Job Vacancy For Fundraising Manager, Application Details

Sanivation Job Vacancy For Fundraising Manager, Application Details

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Sanivation is a private service provider based in Naivasha looking to improve the overall health, dignity, and environment of the local area. Sanivation designs, constructs and operates waste processing factories that produce and sell affordable, and environmentally sustainable fuels. At these factories, they collect two abundant waste streams to make our fuels: fecal sludge and biomass residues. They treat the fecal sludge using our patent-pending technologies that use solar-thermal energy and combine it with other waste streams to transform it into an eco-friendly fuel. With this model, they are spreading sanitation services and replacing harmful traditional fuels.

Are you passionate about fundraising? Are you an effective communicator? Do you enjoy building relationships with people from different walks of life?

To fulfill the demand for sanitation services and reach 1 million over the next 5 years, Sanivation needs talented, passionate people who are dedicated to growing a multinational business, and ideally have experience in this too! This is where you, a potential candidate for the Fundraising Manager role comes in.

The Fundraising Manager has the overall responsibility of working alongside the senior leadership to tackle a number of key areas. One day it may be revising their communication strategy based on an internal meeting, the next it may be presenting their work to key potential or existing partners like the World Bank (using the communication strategy).

The ideal person for this role sees developing relationships and clear communication strategies as pillars to success. It is someone who wants to get exposure to all the facets (big picture and everyday details) of running an international social enterprise. The ideal candidate may want to run a social enterprise of their own in the future and is a fast learner. This is a chance to bring your ideas to life.

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 Responsibilities for the Sanivation Fundraising Manager Job

  • Build and sustain relationships with individuals from multilateral and governmental organisations.
  • Assist in defining and implementing a fund development plan for the organisation. The plan will involve engaging multilaterals and governments for large scale financing.
  • Play a crucial role in shaping the future fundraising direction of the organisation by providing input on what is and isn’t working.
  • Support in managing donor and investor relationships through reports and monthly updates.
  • Develop effective internal and external communications strategy to keep the team, key stakeholders, and general public on the same page and excited about the organisation’s work.
  • Manage the organisation’s external communications, i.e. newsletter, social media channels, press inquiries and website.
  • Create and continuously refine materials for external stakeholders, partners, and donors.
  • Track and communicate the communication strategy’s metrics to ensure that Sanivation reaches its annual goals.
  • Work alongside Sanivation’s senior leadership to propose alternatives and gather evidence for key decisions that drive organisational strategy based on feedback from donor and potential donor interactions.
  • Create the relevant tools and processes that enable the easy tracking and communication of funded projects.
  • Dive in the weeds to help with the messy and exciting art of running a social enterprise.
  • Proactively developing recommendations to enhance Sanivation’s HR, business development, and management performance and leading potential business opportunities.

Sanivation Fundraising Manager Job Qualifications

  • Have at least 3 years’ experience in implementing a communication strategy throughout an organization
  • Have at least 3 years’ fundraising experience with a focus on large institutional and multilateral donors
  • Have the ability to speak basic Swahili and/or interest in learning
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree in business, economics, international relations, English, or other related fields, MBA is even better
  • Empathetic listener with strong and persuasive communication skills in grant writing, PowerPoint and emails
  • Detailed oriented
  • Desire to live and work in Kenya
  • Passionate and have a sense of humor

How to Apply
Please follow this link to apply:

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