Pernod Ricard Job Vacancy 2018 for Supply Planning Manager

Pernod Ricard Job Vacancy 2018 for Supply Planning Manager

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The Supply Planning Manager is responsible for all forecasting and replenishment activities associated with customers and products. Key objective include ensuring safe days’ supplies of inventory are maintained across 3PL warehouses, developing demand and supply planning capability, mitigating out of stock risk, and providing Gold Standard level of customer service. The SP Manager also converts replenishment plans into actual purchase orders for Brand Owners in alignment to the supply plan, cost optimisation as well as prudent stock cover plan for both Kenya Domestic and Other East Africa markets of PRK. He/She will extend support to customers by developing demand plan tools for future order replenishment projections based on realistic opportunities factoring all constraints.

The SP Manager will oversee Inventory management in the 3PL warehouses to ensure monthly reconciliations, monitoring and developing necessary controls.

The individual will also assist in process improvement activities in one of more aspects of the supply chain including: Procurement processes for indirect services and materials, supplier evaluation, ERP adoption, VAP packaging, statutory compliance.




  • Create and maintain the appropriate master data in the planning systems in use, minimizing errors, and avoiding duplication and obsolescence. i.e. CONNECT
  • Create statistical forecasts:

o   Gather, analyse and validate data

o   Execute statistical modelling software

o   Review resulting statistical forecast model

o   Apply error analysis techniques to improve forecasting

  • Summarize/aggregate statistical forecasts:

o   Review sales plans , customer finance Budget Updates or Latest Estimates and demand drivers so as to align to the replenishment plan.

o    Present, solicit, and assess feedback on the various forecasts from sales, and finance

o   Recommend adjustments for operational forecasts

o   Review promotional plans with sales

  • Achieve consensus for operational demand forecasts by facilitating a collaborative planning process with sales, marketing and finance personnel:

o   Prepare relevant material to facilitate research and discussion

  • Use appropriate statistical models and parameters, and enrich statistical forecasts (Review historical sales trends, research demand drivers )to generate accurate base demand forecasts that will be aligned to optimized stock covers as well as replenishment plans -SIMT, CONNECT.
  • Focus on and deliver a stable demand plan, but taking into account appropriately recent events, along with achievement of Demand Plan Accuracy (DPA), controlled variability of accuracy and no systematic bias.
  • Drive fast, appropriate actions to minimize the impact of deviations from the Demand Plan. Communicate these actions to stakeholders.
  • Assist Sales and Marketing Teams in VAP’s (Value Added Pack) needs management
  • Consistently improve Demand Plan Accuracy (DPA accuracy level and variability) using the Forecast Value Added (FVA) concept, and drive out systematic forecast bias through detailed analyses of past performance. Track errors using DP Reason Codes and maintain an efficient Learning Log.
  • Coordinate and lead the monthly PRK Sales and Operations (S&OP’s) Planning meetings


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  • Create product and service specifications sheets for processing RFQ to potential vendors
  • Assist in special projects and procurement functions (including other departments) as requested.
  • Formulate Standard Operating Procedures in conjunction with Finance department.
  • Assist in ensuring Suppliers/Agencies/Sub-contractors selection made to the most qualified and cost effective vendors.
  • Assist to track and evaluate vendor/subcontractor performance and improvements related to pricing, contractual terms, and/or scope of services, and prepare vendors/subcontractors performance report based on the above criteria with marks & recommendations for future procurements & award.
  • Activate Purchase orders for brand orders in alignment to Replenishment Plans as well as optimized logistics services. Use of NAVIATION.
  • Ensure that Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Quotations (RFQ) are technically prepared and evaluated and made as per parameters, PRK+ regulations and procurement processes.


  • Manage stock, optimize stock level by implementing an ABC classification of products and
  • Monitor slow moving and obsolete references
  • Reconcile theoretical stock maintained in system with stock managed by warehouse operator
  • POS stock management in cooperation with Marketing director
  • Monitor VAP’s stock
  • Supervise stock physical counts whenever needed
  • Forecast and manage bond transfer through a structured monthly replenishment plan to the duty paid warehouses in alignment to demand plan volumes


  • Maintain and update EGMS (KRA –Excise Goods Management System) in line with KRA guidelines and process to order stamps, declare usage per brand and to maintain accurate forecasts.
  • Manage KEBS sticker requisitions and issuance to the Warehouse in Kenya.
  • Inbound Materials Management through updating stock movement in NAVIATION in alignment to 3PL WMS.
  • Assist in tabulating monthly KPI’S for both PRK and the Group.
  • Any other duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain, Business Management, Statics or other relevant field;
  • 3 years’ experience in Supply Chain;
  • Excellent IT skills and previous experience with an ERP system;
  • Excellent communication and Customer Service skills
  • Sufficient knowledge of warehousing and distribution;
  • A strong business perspective;
  • A passion for working with customers, internally and externally;
  • A strong desire to develop trust and long term relationships;
  • A strive for service improvements and be proactive and responsive to customer demands;
  • Must impact and convince others to work cross functionally and externally to get commitment to ideas, actions and deliver results.

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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