Penda Health Job Vacancy For Receptionist, Application Details

Penda Health Job Vacancy For Receptionist, Application Details

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Penda Health is an award-winning company that is transforming healthcare in Kenya by building a chain of outpatient medical centres that offer evidence-based medical care and unparalleled patient experience at surprisingly affordable (but still profitable) rates.

What’s the Job?

We are searching for a receptionist who can make our patients feel comfortable and satisfied, AND manage all the front office operations without breaking a sweat.

Learn all about marketing and health outreach

Chance to interact with people from all walks of life all day long

Lots of opportunities to learn more about front office operations

Receptionist Job Requirements

  • Basic Computer skills
  • Must have spent some time doing community based projects/work

Salary and Benefits

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  • Base Salary depends on qualifications and experience
  • Full benefits including inpatient health insurance and dental care

Where is the opening?

We are a fast growing company with frequent openings at all our branches. Please fill out the survey during the application process to let us know where you would be willing to work. Preference will be given to candidates who are flexible about the work location.

Roles for the Receptionist Job

  • Provide patients with a delightful experience at Penda Health.
  • Keep track of all patient records and data – using paper and computer based record systems.
  • Keep track of all cash and payment records. Issuing patients with accurate receipts every time.
  • Build a wonderful relationship with every team member at Penda to ensure that everyone is ready to help each other and that conflicts don’t linger.
  • Grow Penda’s patient numbers through proactive efforts in the community and through ensuring that patients are received to Penda in a positive way.
  • Build an open community at the clinic where everybody is ready to learn from each other’s feedback and that from our patients.

How to Apply

Apply here for the Receptionist Job

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