Moko Home + Living Job Vacancy 2018 for Head of Retail, Application Details

Moko Home + Living Job Vacancy 2018 for Head of Retail, Application Details

Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Moko Home + Living Job Vacancy 2018 Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Moko Home + Living Job Vacancy 2018

Moko Home + Living is a growing company bursting with innovation, creativity and passion.  Our customers dream of a better night’s sleep, a welcoming place to host their guests, a fun and safe place for their children to play.  But they tell us this isn’t easy – they have to settle for low-quality furnishings or break the bank.  Join us in building the products, the brand and the network to put quality living within everyone’s reach.  Here’s what our team has accomplished in the few years since our founding:

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Reached over 100,000 Kenyan homes with our products • Attracted global investment to continue fuelling our growth and vision

Supported the growth of over 200 small furniture businesses across the country • Grown from a start-up to mid-sized company

What You’ll Do

Our Head of Retail is responsible for scaling our retail presence to reach millions of customers. We’re looking for a self-driven

and analytical leader with the ability to set strategies to grow the numbers of customers that can enjoy Moko’s products and systems toward this goal. You’ll be excited to solve big problems like creating and scaling Moko home delivery model or coming up with the best plan to grow Moko’s pop-up stores country wide. You’ll be passionate about managing people and leading and growing a team.

The Role In Brief

Lead The Outbound Growth Of Moko Products Through B2c And B2b

  • Launch and grow our network of pop up stores – called dream stations – to bring the Moko’s dream experience to our customers and generate outbound leads
  • Launch and grow Moko’s showrooms – the place where the Moko ah-ah moment happens
  • Spearhead the introduction of Moko products in supermarkets managing payments and account receivables
  • Run A/B tests in point of sales to identify best strategies for growth and expansion
  • Liaise with the Head of Branding to ensure that Moko’s pop up stores, showrooms and supermarkets are in line with the brand message and voice
  • Coordinate with the operation team to ensure smooth deliveries of products and to bring the Moko dream to the homes of our clients
  • Implement and manage systems to effectively tackle increasingly complex work
  • Create a plug and play script to enable a rapid growth of our pop-up stores and showrooms across the country
  • Create and manage systems to ensure that all the outbound leads are recorded and followed up on time
  • Create systems with other departments to ensure that payments are recorded on time, mattresses and other Moko’s products are available when needed, raw materials are ordered on time

Develop and lead a high performing team

  • Anticipate and plan for hiring needs in line with the projected growth
  • Invest in coaching and development of your team, taking advantage of opportunities to grow team members’ responsibilities
  • Maintain a high-performance culture, setting ambitious targets and rewarding outstanding accomplishment
  • Create a culture where decisions are based on data and innovation and creativity come first

Career Growth + Compensation

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You’ll join the leadership team of one of East Africa’s most successful growth-stage companies, playing a key role in our development into a major enterprise. You’ll learn first-hand how a thriving venture is operated, with opportunity to expand your skills and responsibilities as your team and our company grow.

We believe this distinct and rare experience is the most valuable benefit we offer new leaders who join our team. In addition to this, you’ll earn a competitive salary and benefits package benchmarked against lean mid-sized companies. You’ll also be awarded stock options, allowing you to participate in the value you create as a leader of our team.


  • You have experience managing people and growing a small team to the next level
  • You are an extremely fast and adept learner – able to quickly and deeply understand complex systems and problems.
  • You enjoy applying your problem-solving and strategic thinking skills to a variety of diverse challenges.
  • You have a strong analytical toolkit and frequently apply quantitative analysis to decision-making.
  • You thrive when you are able to take initiative, you can plan and organize your work around specific goals.
  • You are excited to turn lessons learned from practical trials into actionable ways that we can improve our brand experience and services.
  • Whether it’s coordinating work across multiple teams, implementing a new system or prototyping new expansion models – you like to get into the details and don’t mind “getting your hands dirty.”

How to Apply

Please visit our website and apply through our online form, Common Application – All Positions.

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