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Make Money Online with Sevijoe

So you are Interested in Making Money Online! That’s a great decision.

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Hey Welcome,

I’m Joseph Titus alias Sevijoe, an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and the owner of this blog www.admalic.co.ke

Am here today to introduce to you the thing that has changed my life.

Am not telling you a long story as there is limited time for that.

But let me ask you this, How will you enjoy being your Own Boss, Making Money While you are Sleeping, Working at your Convenience, Vacating any time you wish, making 6 figures a month and lots more Time and Financial Freedom.

Sounds awesome right?

Well, this is actually the story of my life.

My parent always told me, go to school, graduate, get a job, get married and start a family. That was their own way of defining a Successful Future. (I always think, I buy my Lamborghini working for a company, but HELL NO!) I know you can relate to this because almost all parent builds this mentality in their children.

But that’s not how it works anymore. The world has changed.  This is why I went contrary.

I started entrepreneurship has a Blogger. I have been blogging for 3 years now and I’m making between $1000 – $3000 every month. This might not be big for you.

But as an individual in my early 20s, This was huge for me. I gain independent. I started supporting and providing for my family. I possess Time and Money Freedom, I created own company, I became a boss, I work anytime I feel like, I go anywhere I like, etc.

But just of recent, something happened. I started becoming uncomfortable with my monthly 4 figure earnings from blogging and I need to do something about it. Here is what.

I have decided to step up my game and diversify my business. I have set a goal of becoming a millionaire$ by or before I turn 25.

My Blogging business is still paying, but I want to go into Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Youtube and E-commerce Business Module and I am very optimistic.

This new business possesses the power of making me millions in a few years and it makes money passively which is my favourite way of making online (Making money while am not there).

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You may ask, What is my Goal or Life have to do with you.

A few years ago, when I started my first blog, I did it secretly, not even my parent knew until of recent I started training people on blogging.

Lots of people are obliged to 9 – 5 jobs with a very low paycheck, many are unemployed, generally many people are just there unaware of this online opportunity that brings about Time and Financial Freedom.

Hence, I have decided to carry this set of people along while I chase my goal of becoming a millionaire at 25 years old.

I will be documenting my progress, sharing knowledge, showing you the exact steps I take, the products I use, the content I consume and literally everything I do towards becoming a millionaire at 25.

I started my Blog from Grass to Grace all alone and I will do it again. So you can Join me this time if you wish. I Am not charging you anything for this. It’s Free.

Now It’s Up to You to decide.

Don’t forget, this business will work for anybody irrespective of country, employment status, education background, marital status, no matter your age. So you have no objection.


I will be sharing Updates regularly on the following platforms so don’t miss out.

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Be sure to Join all the Platforms, you can message me anytime on these platforms, I will happily respond.

See you on the other side.


Joseph Titus (Sevijoe)

PS: Don’t forget to share and invite your friends and family that will be interested in making money online.

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