Lean Energy Solutions Ltd Job Vacancy for Strategic Planning Facilitator, Application Details

Lean Energy Solutions Ltd Job Vacancy for Strategic Planning Facilitator, Application Details

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Lean Energy Solutions Ltd is seeking a creative and enthusiastic Strategic Planning Facilitator to join our team on a contract basis.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Strong general management experience/qualifications: –  He/she should have a wider knowledge of organisations, business functions and general management/leadership.  This is because the process of strategy itself is cross-functional and broad.  Preferably a facilitator who has worked in a range of different sectors and types/sizes of organisation, as he/she will bring a much wider perspective and be able to suggest helpful ideas and good practice from wider afield.

2.  Deep knowledge of strategy and associated tools/techniques, plus the ability to advise on the right approach to suit the organisation:-  A person who knows all about the process and tools involved in strategic management (from market appraisal to change planning). Every organization is unique – not least the range of issues it faces and the type of people and culture it has – so the strategy process must be tailored to match too.

3. Deep knowledge and experience in a wide range of thinking and discussion styles/tools/methods: He/she needs to have expertise in a host of different approaches and methods for handling thinking, deliberation and evaluation by groups.  In particular, he/she needs a detailed grasp of a core range of different divergent and convergent thinking methods and tools and when it is appropriate to use which.

4. Deep knowledge of personality/group theory and group decision-making:-  A person with a sound understanding of relevant areas of individual and group psychology, so that he/she can manage well the dynamics and deliberations of groups that are typically involved in a strategy process.  He/she should know how to lead groups effectively to reach consensus, decisions, and alignment, and how to ensure commitment and plan actions effectively.

5. Superb skills in listening, reflecting back and asking questions:-  He/she should be able to hear a lot of ideas, comment and opinions and strong skills are needed in drawing out what people are thinking, active listening, reflecting back what is said, and rapid connecting and building on different points to make conversations progress well.

6. Confident, assured manner but also friendly, relaxed and very sensitive/tactful:-  He/she must be able to look, sound and act as a credible and capable professional who is ‘accepted’ by participants with the ‘right’ to ask them questions and challenge them on some points as may be needed.  He/she must have an amicable and open style and also be very sensitive to picking up signals (from non-verbal cues, not just what is said) from people and addressing their points in a tactful/respectful way.

7. Neutral, independent, transparent and fair/honest:-  He/she should stay objective and detached whilst managing discussions and decision-making involved in a strategy process:  he/she is there to focus on guiding and managing the overall process and not to influence or steer the content of participants’ views or decisions (unless the client specifically asks for his/her direct advice).  Beyond this, he/she must, of course, treat everyone fairly and equally throughout and do as much as possible to prevent any obvious bias or private agendas distorting proceedings.

8. Strong integrative and ‘helicopter’ ability:-  This refers to two related skills:  firstly, the ability to rapidly see and make connections and links between different points/ideas/issues and, secondly, the ability to move easily and quickly between seeing the ‘big picture’ in a situation and drilling down to the finer detail of the same situation.

9. Structured, systematic and focused:-  He/she must be a clear thinker who naturally structures and organises well (from ideas to processes).  Equally, having defined structure in a situation, he/she must be able to be disciplined and focused to keep people always on the right agenda topic and seeking to achieve the overall aim set.

Applicants to submit their applications which should include a 1 page cover letter pasted on the body of the email and attach their CV, stating their qualifications and suitability.

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Applications to be sent to hr@leansolutions.co.ke

Deadline for receiving applications is 05/12/2017.

Lean Solutions Group is an equal opportunities employer.

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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