Home Education KUCCPS KUCCPS Student Portal 2019/2020: KUCCPS Application Portal  –  students.kuccps.net

KUCCPS Student Portal 2019/2020: KUCCPS Application Portal  –  students.kuccps.net

KUCCPS Student Portal 2019/2020: KUCCPS Application Portal  –  students.kuccps.net… Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service Portal | KUCCPS Student Portal Login / Registration for the fresh and stale students.

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KUCCPS Student Portal: KUCCPS Application Portal  –  students.kuccps.net

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service Student Portal, KUCCPS Student Portal 2019/2020, KUCCPS Principal Portal, KUCCPS Institution Portal, KUCCPS kuccps.net…. See Full Detail Below…

The Authority of the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has enabled the student portal. The Online Portal is created for formal and prospective students of a University to create an account or log in to perform certain academic actions at ease e.g. Application to an institution, checking the list of courses offered by institutions, Checking Admission Status and so much more.

Latest News: KUCCPS Online Application 2019/2020 Placement for Universities and Colleges in Kenya has now been released. CLICK HERE for Application Details, Fees, Deadline and more

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KUCCPS Student Portal 2019/2020: KUCCPS Application Portal  –  students.kuccps.net

You can visit and Access the KUCCPS Student Portal, KUCCPS Principal Portal, KUCCPS Institution Portal, KUCCPS kuccps.net using a computer or mobile via the following link:

KUCCPS Contact Details

ACK Gardens, 1st Ngong’ Avenue, Upperhill Nairobi

Telephone : 0723954927, 0734879662

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Email : [email protected]

Website: kuccps.ac.ke

P. O. Box 105166 – 00101

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  1. How can I know where I have been placed and the course?
    Index number is 41730309037

    Please help me know it

    • Comment:dowload kuccps student portal and then use your primary index number as a password and you will get your university and course

  2. Comment:I did my KCSE 2017 and i applied bt I have not been placed I need to know why and I should do.Kindly help.

  3. i have been placed in the university of nairobi but i wanna change the course before i enroll…how am i gonna change it…assist me please

  4. Comment:am requesting for inter faulcaty transfer.From bachelor of technology in event and convention management to bachelor of commerce

  5. Comment:I did my kcse in 2017 and I was called at kibabii university.. and now they have release the admission letter but I can’t. find my name there…what should I do please help me find my name so as to download my admission letter…

  6. Comment:how can i access pwani university admission letter because i have tried to access to it but i can go through

  7. I didn’t expect to be placed in gretsa university I need a better university before admission please.what do I do

  8. Comment: please help me on how to download admission letter for taita taveta university..and when is the intake?

  9. I have been admitted at umma university and wanted to intertransfer to Dedan Kimathi university .I have tried to log in through the students portal but cannot .I got a B+ in last year k.c.s.e exam and have been admitted to study a degree in computer science. Please help me to get the interuniversity transfer form.please

  10. Comment:I got admission at lukenya university to do b. com but I want to transfer to machakos university please help

  11. Comment:I got admission at lukenya university to do b. com but I want to transfer to
    machakos university please help

  12. Comment:i am a 2017 candidate,who did kcse and be admitted at university of embu,how can change university before the reporting date please?!

  13. I got an admission to kabarak university and am supposed to join on 9th of may but am not prepared to go since I wanted a course in education(geography and English) in masinde mulirouniversity of science and technology
    Please help me change my course before 9th of may

  14. I got admitted at kiambu institute of science and technology and when I want to download my admission letter their website is under construction yet most of other institutes have updated their websites,,,,,,, what do I do now to get my admission letter

  15. I was been placed in technical university of Mombasa but i wanted to change please how can i go about it

  16. Comment:i was called to kenyatta unversity and hear that admision letters are sent through posta.Is it true coz now technology counts

  17. Comment: I did my k.c.s.e 2017 and scored C plain and i was placed at TUM but would like to change the course how can i go about it please i need your help.

  18. Comment: I did k.c.s.e 2017 and scored C plain i was placed in TUM but would like to change the course before i join how can i go a bout it please i need your help.

  19. my daughter wanted tourism and hotel management but was given community development how can she change?kindly advice urgently

  20. I got admission to Kabianga University to undertake a degree course in bachelor of science in clinical medicine but I want to transfer to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology please help me

  21. Comment: I did kcse 2017 i want to change the course to study diploma in electrical&electronics(telecommunication) i secure degree but not of my choice at kirinyaga university.

  22. How does one change a course from one college to another?
    Kindly provide link to access document to fill and download.

  23. Comment:want to change my career am already placed in Kenyatta university but the career is not appealing to me,,,plz help

  24. Comment:I am placed in kibabii university and I have not got my admission letter and also need to change the course

  25. I was admitted at kagumo teachers training college for education but I expected analytical chemistry at Technical university of Mombasa,how can I change it please,

  26. I did my exams 2017 and score grade C minus and would like to join any college in Nairobi for my course .and I would like to do nursing .can you help me please.

  27. Comment:

    I’m Christopher mwatsuma jira ID. number 33608203, Index no.04102301007/2015 l was selected by KUCCPS to study diploma in analytical chemistry at kenya coast national polytechnic but when at the institution for admission they told me that, I have to pay all the fees to study the course because KUCCPS they don’t offer any scholarships. So I need your assistance because I don’t understand.

  28. Comment:please help me get admission in TUK to pursue diploma in electrical engineering, I had a mean grade of C plain last year

  29. Comment:I did my exams last year and I want to pursue diploma in electrical engineering in TUK please get me the chance to join that university, I had mean grade of C plain

  30. Comment:i Have Been Placed To Join Kist 2 Pursue In Certicate In Electrical And Electronic(telecomunication) But Yet I Have Not Seen The Admission Letter And School Fee Structue Please Assist Me

  31. Comment:have been placed to kist to persue diploma in banking ,,kindly assist me on how to get my admission letter,,

  32. I secured a place in Chuka university to pursue bachelor of science in electrical and electronics engineering but I haven’t gotten my admission letter. I have tried to download it from Chuka university student portal but have not succeeded.
    Kindly assist me. Thank you.

  33. Good evening, I hope this finds you well.
    I am trying to register with KUCCPS but all the time am being told page is not available. Help me please, I need to register before deadline.
    Thank you

  34. Am trying to apply for my daughter who did her KCSE last year but the page has an error and the dateline is at the door ,please help ,she wants an admission for diploma course in either Kiambu institute (KIST) CODE 1075555, Maasai Mara technical (maasai TTI) Code 1081601, or Rift Valley Institute (RVIST) code 1276980/1276987 . Her index number is 18336106051

  35. Comment:L was successfully placed in TUM but I’m not finding my admission letter for download, please help,I new to prepare

  36. how can i know in which institution i am placed….. please assist me for i have applied and in have not recieved any feedback

  37. I got admission to karatina university to undertake a degree course in bachelor of science in actuarial science but I want to transfer to machakos university to undertake electrical and electronic engineering.please help me

  38. What is the new students’ online portal address??? Have been trying to login but it is like its temporarily broken down

  39. I received a message today that I have been selected for a course at Sigalagala poly but haven’t seen any information about the admissions and intake dates.kindly assist

  40. Hello. i successfully got an admission acknowledgement but unfortunately am having a problem downloading my admission letter . kindly assist me .

  41. Hello. loggin into the students portal using my kcse index as username and kcpe index as password has become a challenge. please assist.

  42. Comment:I was placed at Kenyatta university to undertake a B.A in pshycology but admission letter Dowland can’t go through please assist

  43. I transferred from Tum to Kenya institute of mass and communication on may but so far I haven’t got any information and am now confused because I don’t really know where am supposed to join and I did my kcse in 2016

  44. I transferred from Tum to Kenya institute of mass and communication on may but so far I haven’t got any information and am now confused because I don’t really know where am supposed to join and I did my kcse in 2016

  45. Those Who applied as from august like me,is the selection over because i did not get any feedback after i application, kindy

  46. Comment:hi.help me i received my confirmation placement to eld.bt now how can i get admission letter online and registration number?plz! plz! plz help me before its late..

  47. Comment:Hi!are those who applied on August 2018,have Receive information because i applied but haven’t receive the confirmation..

  48. I was admitted to KU in 2017/2018 academic but I never received my admission last year I made a follow and I received it this year April 2018 so I never joined last year coz my admission letter was missing Kuccps do something to avoid such inconviniences in the near future coz it trully bring alot of stress to whoever missed the admission letter.

  49. Comment: I have been placed at Nairobi TTI for craft in electrical instalation but how can I get the admision no?

  50. I applied and placed in certificate in Journalism and mass media in SIGALAGALA poly but my student portal is failing kindly help me pleas.

  51. Comment: when will be the admission letters be recieved by the student that did application on TVET schools on October date 15th 2018. so I don’t whether it has been received please help me.

  52. Comment: the admission date for the students that did application on October 15 year 2018 for TVET SCHOOLS, When will be the admission be received? please helped

  53. you had placed me to join kenya coast poly yet my name is missing in the 2018 kuccps list of student placed to join kenya coast poly in their site. My name is Jane apiyo, index number 40700003141. Kindly confirm with kenya coast poly why my name has gone missing in their 2018 kuccps list of students placed to join the institution in September 2018. Please treat this as an emergency since they are closing their admission on 10th September 2018. I’m really stranded!!!

  54. how can i change my college .I was placed to do electrical engineering in Masai technical training institute but I want to change the course and college how can I do please help me

  55. Comment:I did my application august and never got any sms of admission(MAWEGO TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE).So my 2018 has faild,now how can i get admission to MTTI jan. 2019 intake kindly help.

  56. Comment:I did my application but the courses I applied doesn’t appear on your portal what’s the problem and I haven’t gotten my admission

  57. Why is the students Portal indicating that the application deadline has passed or is it going to open for 2018 KCSE candidates at a later date? Please confirm if deadline of 31st December still stands

  58. Why is the application deadline 00 day/hours/seconds and i haven’t yet applied for a course,,,, or it haven’t yet been opened🤷🏼🤷🏼🤷🏼,,

  59. I was applying for my students and then I paid money using their index numbers not the schools code, when it came a time for me to choose for them courses, it became a problem. Please help; will they be able to revise in the first revision yet they had not chosen from school? And am I able to get the refund of the money or it will be used when they will be revising. Please help.
    School code 36622119
    I paid for index number 36612119045 using mpesa number 0706548044. Please help

  60. when will kupps open 2018 candidates for their revision and 1st time applicants? if I miss last year will I be legible to apply this year?

  61. Some schools that sat fro 2018 KCSE never applied for their students in KUCCPS. When can the students apply for 2019 Universites’ and colleges’ pacement? Please advise

  62. We are unable to access the Students Portal, please advise when it will be opened to enable first applications.

  63. I got a c in kcse 2018 how can i look for a college that picked me and I had applied kuccps through the school my index is 07216110100

  64. Did my exam 2012 and attained Bminus grade recently heard of the kuccps application for such students how can people assist me to go over it

  65. hey,I am Biwott,i did my exam 2018 and i got A-,i have tried to log in to my portal but it does not agree to any of the passwords,please help me

  66. Comment:if u want to know college u have been selected to join first go to kuccps official site then to online portal to students portal then login ur password will be kcpe index no or birth certificate no



  69. Just be patient 2018 candidates..It will be opened so soon.They have finished with the necessary arrangements and they are on with the maintainance of the system so that they may start the exercise.

  70. I paid after application but when I tried to key in mpesa code, the replies were ‘mpesa code not found’. I then erroneously clicked somewhere on my comp and my applications also were erased. Now stranded because I have paid but code not accepted and also Choice of my programmes missing

  71. Can someone help me please, i am trying to log in to the portal but every time i do im told incorrect details though i have used the correct details as asked. can someone tell me how to go about this one please

  72. Comment:am elijah, last time i applyed and i was posted at laikipia north vocational and training institute but when i went there i found there is no teachers of my couse, my question is can i transfer it to nyandarua institute for may intake

  73. Am alex maina i did my kcse in the year 2018 i want to do a 2nd revision but i dont know my password i have tried kcpe index and birthcertificate number but they are not working how can i be helped can i be given another password

  74. Comment:Iam Isaiah I want to take electrical and electric which is the best school? and how can apply through kccp? and if I ask loan from government can l get?

  75. Comment hello I did my kcse in 2017 and I was admitted in eldoret national polytechnic but because of funds is not able bt this year I beg to join on may, how can you assist me.

  76. Hello am David and I did attain a mean grade of C+on kcse 2018 I request to get access to the courses I applied for at various universities and whether I have been placed .Thank you

  77. Hello,I got a mean grade of C+ and I wanted to apply to kuccps but first revision passed me so should I apply now please help

  78. Comment:I secured one of my choices for the firs revision but I don’t know the university and the course itself, please I need help

  79. Hello I did my KCSE in 2018 and scored a mean grade of B plain but I’ve not received any message to confirm my placement.. Please help me

  80. i am placed in kenya coast national polytechnic and my admission i have not yet received.so please i request admissions for kenya coast national polytechnic to be released from now

  81. did the government sponsored students pay for the accommodation fee or is payed by the sponser?

  82. I have been placed to RVIST but ihave tried my best to download the admission letter but it’s not coming what should i do???

  83. I have been placed to thika tti and i have not yet gotten my admission letter help me i can’t download the admission letter please

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