List Of Courses Offered At Kenyatta University (KU)

Kenyatta University Courses Offered | Kenyatta University, KU list of available faculties, courses, programmes offered at the institution.

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 Kenyatta University

Are you looking for the list of courses offered at Kenyatta University? The following is the list of available courses/programmes offered at Kenyatta University that is open for admissions.

Kenyatta University courses available for admission.  The list of accreditated courses on offer for admission into the Kenyatta University has been released. See the comprehensive list of all Degree, Master, Postgraduate Diploma and PHD courses offered at Kenyatta University.

List of Faculties and Courses offered at Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University Undergraduate Degree Courses

This is the List of Undergraduate Courses Offered at Kenyatta University

  1. Bachelor of Arts (Counseling Psychology)
  2. Bachelor of Arts (English/Literature)
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Ethnomusicology)
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Film Technology)
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts)
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Gender and Development)
  7. Bachelor of Arts (General)
  8. Bachelor of Arts (History/Geography)
  9. Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili/CRE)
  10. Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili/History)
  11. Bachelor of Arts (Maths/Business Studies)
  12. Bachelor of Arts (Music)
  13. Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Arts and Film Studies)
  14. Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  15. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  16. Bachelor of Economics
  17. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  18. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
  19. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  20. Bachelor of Education (Arts) French
  21. Bachelor of Education (Arts) German
  22. Bachelor of Education (Arts) Music
  23. Bachelor of Education Early Childhood Education & Studies
  24. Bachelor of Education (Film Technology)
  25. Bachelor of Education (Home Economics)
  26. Bachelor of Education (Library Science)
  27. Bachelor of Education (Music)
  28. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  29. Bachelor of Education (Special Education)
  30. Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)
  31. Bachelor of Education (Primary Teacher)
  32. Bachelor of Education (Theatre Arts)
  33. Bachelor of Environmental Planning and Management
  34. Bachelor of Environmental Science
  35. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Community Development)
  36. Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Education)
  37. Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Resource Conservation)
  38. Bachelor of Event Management
  39. Bachelor of Forensic Science
  40. Bachelor of Information Technology
  41. Bachelor of Laws (BLL)
  42. Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  43. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.CH.B.)
  44. Bachelor of Music
  45. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm)
  46. Bachelor of Philosophy in Hospitality & Tourism Managemert
  47. Bachelor of Records Management & Information Technology
  48. Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science)
  49. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management and Trade)
  50. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education & Extension)
  51. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Resource Management)
  52. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)
  53. Bachelor of Science (Agriculture Science and Technology)
  54. Bachelor of Science (Analytical Chemistry with Management)
  55. Bachelor of Science (Animal Production & Health Management)
  56. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  57. Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
  58. Bachelor of Science (Biology)
  59. Bachelor of Science (Coastal and Marine Resource Management)
  60. Bachelor of Science (Community Resource Management)
  61. Bachelor of Science (Computer Engineering)
  62. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  63. Bachelor of Science (Computer Software)
  64. Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)
  65. Bachelor of Science (Crop Improvement and Protection)
  66. Bachelor of Science (Dry Land Agriculture and Enterprise Development)
  67. Bachelor of Science (Education)
  68. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health)
  69. Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sports)
  70. Bachelor of Science (Fashion Design and Marketing)
  71. Bachelor of Science (Finance)
  72. Bachelor of Science (Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics)
  73. Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)
  74. Bachelor of Science (General)
  75. Bachelor of Science (Health Records & Information Management)
  76. Bachelor of Science (Health Service Management)
  77. Bachelor of Science (Hospitality & Tourism Management)
  78. Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry With Management)
  79. Bachelor of Science (Leisure and Recreation Management)
  80. Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Science)
  81. Bachelor of Science (Molecular & Cellular Biology)
  82. Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)
  83. Bachelor of Science (Nursing and Public Health)
  84. Bachelor of Science (Occupational Health and Safety)
  85. Bachelor of Science (Population Health)
  86. Bachelor of Science (Records Management & Information Technology)
  87. Bachelor of Science (Recreation & Sports Management)
  88. Bachelor of Science (Registered Community Health Nursing)
  89. Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)
  90. Bachelor of Science (Sports Science)
  91. Bachelor of Science (Statistics and Programming)
  92. Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication and Information Technology)
  93. Bachelor of Science (Tourism Management)
  94. Bachelor of Security Management & Police Studies
  95. Bachelor of Science (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  96. Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  97. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural & Bio-Systems Engineering)
  98. Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  99. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  100. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Resource Management)
  101. Bachelor of Science (Animal Health & Production)
  102. Bachelor of Science (Real Estate)
  103. Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Computer Science)
  104. Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies
  105. Bachelor of Science (Spatial Planning)
  106. Bachelor of Science (Population Health)
  107. Bachelor of Environmental Education
  108. Bachelor of Science (Recreation and Sports Management)
  109. Bachelor of Science (Petroleum Engineering)
  110. Bachelor of Science(Aerospace Engineering)
  111. Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion)
  112. Bachelor of Science (Energy Technology)
  113. Bachelor of Science (Energy Engineering)
  114. Bachelor of Science (Health Services Management)
  115. Bachelor of Public Policy and Administration
  116. Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Engineering)
  117. Bachelor of Science (Construction Management)

Kenyatta University Master Courses

This is the List of Master Offered at Kenyatta University

  1. Master of Arts African Music)
  2. Master of Arts Agricultural Geography)
  3. Master of Arts Climatology)
  4. Master of Arts Counseling Psychology)
  5. Master of Arts (Culture, Resource Management and Museology)
  6. Master of Arts (Demography Sociology)
  7. Master of Arts (Environmental Sociology)
  8. Master of Arts Ethnomusicology)
  9. Master of Arts Film Technology)
  10. Master of Arts Fine Art)
  11. Master of Arts French)
  12. Master of Arts Gender and Development Studies)
  13. Master of Arts Gender Studies Sociology)
  14. Master of Arts Geomorphology)
  15. Master of Arts German)
  16. Master of Arts History of International Relations)
  17. Master of Arts Hydrology and Water Resources)
  18. Master of Arts Industrial Sociology)
  19. Master of Arts Islamic, Christian and African Religions)
  20. Master of Arts Language and Linguistics)
  21. Master of Arts Literature and Literary Criticism)
  22. Master of Arts Literature)
  23. Master of Arts Marketing Geography)
  24. Master of Arts Medical Geography)
  25. Master of Arts Medical Sociology)
  26. Master of Arts Philosophy)
  27. Master of Arts Political Processes and Gender in Politics)
  28. Master of Arts Population/Settlement)
  29. Master of Arts Rural/Urban Sociology)
  30. Master of Arts Theatre Arts and Film)
  31. Master of Arts (Theatre Arts)
  32. Master of Arts (Urban and Regional Planning)
  33. Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)
  34. Master of Business Administration (Finance)
  35. Master of Business Administration Hospitality & Tourism)
  36. Master of Business Administration Human Resource Management)
  37. Master of Business Administration (Management Information Systems)
  38. Master of Business Administration (Marketing)
  39. Master of Business Administration (Project Management and Evaluation)
  40. Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management)
  41. Master of Diplomacy and International Relation
  42. Master of Economics
  43. Master of Economics(Agriculture)
  44. Master of Economics(Development)
  45. Master of Economics(Econometrics)
  46. Master of Economics(Environment)
  47. Master of Economics Finance)
  48. Master of Economics Health)
  49. Master of Economics International Trade and Finance)
  50. Master of Economics Policy and Management)
  51. Master of Education (Comparative and International Studies)
  52. Master of Education Creative Art Education)
  53. Master of Education Curriculum Development)
  54. Master of Education Early Childhood Education)
  55. Master of Education (Economics of Education)
  56. Master of Education (Education Psychology, Guidance and Counseling)
  57. Master of Education (Educational Administration)
  58. Master of Education (Educational Planning and Economics of Education)
  59. Master of Education (Educational Technology)
  60. Master of Education (French)
  61. Master of Education Guidance and Counselling)
  62. Master of Education Health Education
  63. Master of Education Higher Education)
  64. Master of Education History of Education)
  65. Master of Education Language Education)
  66. Master of Education Library Science)
  67. Master of Education Mathematics Education)
  68. Master of Education Philosophy of Education)
  69. Master of Education Science Education)
  70. Master of Education Social Studies Education)
  71. Master of Education Sociology of Education and Policy Studies)
  72. Master of Education (Special Education)
  73. Master of Environmental Education
  74. Master of Environmental Science
  75. Master of Environmental Studies (Agroforestry and Rural Development)
  76. Master of Environmental Studies (Community Development)
  77. Master of Environmental Studies (Planning and Management)
  78. Master of Foreign Trade
  79. Master of Health Management
  80. Master of Health Project Management
  81. Master of Library and information Sciences
  82. Master of Music Composition)
  83. Master of Music Education)
  84. Master of Music Musicology)
  85. Master of Music (Performance)
  86. Master of Musical Arts (Performance)
  87. Master of Public Health
  88. Master of Public Health (Biomedical Statistics)
  89. Master of Public Health (Community Health and Nutrition)
  90. Master of Public Health (Disaster Management)
  91. Master of Public Health (Epidemiology and Disease Control)
  92. Master of Public Health (Health Education and Promotion)
  93. Master of Public Health (Health Service Management)
  94. Master of Public Policy and Administration
  95. Master of Science (Agribusiness)
  96. Master of Science (Animal Ecology)
  97. Master of Science Animal Physiology)
  98. Master of Science Analytical Chemistry)
  99. Master of Science Applied and Theoretical Physics)
  100. Master of Science Agricultural Economics)
  101. Master of Science Agronomy)
  102. Master of Science Aquatic Ecology)
  103. Master of Science Atomic and Molecular Physics)
  104. Master of Science Biochemistry)
  105. Master of Science Biotechnology)
  106. Master of Science Chemistry)
  107. Master of ScienceCommunity Resource Management)
  108. Master of ScienceCondensed Matter Physics)
  109. Master of ScienceDevelopmental Biology)
  110. Master of Science Development Botany)
  111. Master of ScienceDisaster Management)
  112. Master of ScienceEcology)
  113. Master of ScienceElectronics and Instrumentation)
  114. Master of ScienceEntrepreneurship Development)
  115. Master of ScienceEnvironmental Health)
  116. Master of ScienceEnvironmental Physics)
  117. Master of Science Ethno botany)
  118. Master of ScienceEpidemology)
  119. Master of ScienceFashion Design and Marketing)
  120. Master of ScienceFinance)
  121. Master of ScienceFisheries Sciences)
  122. Master of ScienceFoods, Nutrition and Dietetics)
  123. Master of ScienceGender Health)
  124. Master of ScienceGenetics)
  125. Master of ScienceHealth information Management)
  126. Master of ScienceHospitality and Tourism Management)
  127. Master of ScienceHuman Resource Management)
  128. Master of Science Infectious Disease Diagnosis)
  129. Master of ScienceImmunology)
  130. Master of Scienceinternational Tourism Management)
  131. Master of ScienceLeisure and Recreation Management)
  132. Master of ScienceMarketing Management)
  133. Master of ScienceMaterial Science)
  134. Master of ScienceMathematics)
  135. Master of ScienceMedical Entomology)
  136. Master of ScienceMedical Laboratory)
  137. Master of ScienceMicrobiology)
  138. Master of ScienceOccupational Safety and Health)
  139. Master of Science Parasitology)
  140. Master of SciencePhysical Education)
  141. Master of SciencePlant Breeding)
  142. Master of SciencePlant Ecology)
  143. Master of SciencePlant Pathology)
  144. Master of SciencePlant Physiology and Biochemistry)
  145. Master of SciencePlant Taxonomy)
  146. Master of SciencePopulation Health)
  147. Master of SciencePublic Reproductive Health)
  148. Master of ScienceSports Science)
  149. Master of ScienceVertebrate Pest)
  150. Master of Science Water Supply and Sanitation)

Kenyatta University Postgraduate Diploma Courses

This is the List of Postgraduate Diploma Courses Offered at Kenyatta University

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  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Issues in Education
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Health Education
  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Population Health
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relation-Regular
  7. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations – Open Learning
  8. Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science – Research
  9. Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Administration

Kenyatta University Doctorate – PhD Courses

This is the List of Doctorate – PhD Courses Offered at Kenyatta University

  1. PhD in Business
  2. PhD in Community Resource Management
  3. PhD in Counselling Psychology
  4. PhD in Econometrics
  5. PhD in Economics
  6. PhD in Ethnomusicology
  7. PhD in Film Technology
  8. PhD in Finance
  9. PhD in Hospitality & Tourism Management
  10. PhD in International Trade and Finance
  11. PhD in Musical Arts (D.M.A)
  12. PhD in Music Composition
  13. PhD in Music Education
  14. PhD in Music Performance
  15. PhD in Theatre Arts
  16. PhD in Theatre Arts and Film Technology

Additional Information Regarding ‘Kenyatta University Courses’.

This page will be updated when new courses are introduced in the institution

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