Kenyatta University Admission Letter 2018/2019: Download KU Admission Letters


Kenyatta University Admission Letter 2018/2019: Download KU Admission Letters… Kenyatta University Admission Letter has been released for the 2018/2019 academic year.

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Kenyatta University Admission Letter 2018/2019: Download KU Admission Letters

Kenyatta University Admission Letter 2018/2019, Download Kenyatta University Admission Letter, Kenyatta University KUCCPS Admission Letter 2018… Full details below…

We are pleased to announce that Candidates who have been admitted to Kenyatta University in the 2018/2018 session can now download their admission letters from Kenyatta University student portal.

The official Kenyatta University Admission Letter is a document that indicates that you have been offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a University.

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Kenyatta University Admission Letter contains information about the school offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course, basically everything you need to know about your admission. See Lists of Admission Letters of all Kenya Institution here.

How to Download Kenyatta University Admission Letter 2018/2019

Before you proceed to Download your Kenyatta University Admission Letter, it’s recommended to check your KUCCPS admission status on the portal — Click here to Check KUCCPS Admission Lists for all institutions

After confirming your Kenyatta University Admission Status, you can then proceed to Kenyatta University Admission Portal: to Download your Admission letter process.

NOTE: Admission Letters will be available for Download on institution’s Portal.

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  1. Comment: kindly help me. I have been trying to search for ku admission letters but i can’t see any.I hv visited this sight severally but i havnt found the letters…

  2. I have also been straining since yesterday but have not seen any so i dont know where the problem is. iam kindly requesting the system administrator ku to do something please

  3. Comment:am searching for my ku admission letter for some days now but i havent seen one is there problem please help me

  4. Comment:may I know when will Ku release their admission letters online,,,,they are late and yet other universities have released theirs

  5. I’ve also tried to get my letter but the thing is becoming tricky, l kindly request if one of us runs successful to inform us

  6. What could be the problema in getting these K. U adimmision leters it has become a atress plz help ya get the leters 4 earlier preperation.

  7. Comment:you are lagging behind,other universities have reased the admission letters to their prospective students ,why is it not the same with KU??

  8. I too can’t download my admission letter yet they are said to be released,,don’t ain’t alone..its happening to us too

  9. i applied for post graduate studies for may intake distance learning ,but have not got any reply

  10. I’ve been trying to access the KU admission letters for a while now but I’m still yet to find them.please kindly help me out.

  11. The administration,, kindly lies with the administrator to post this admission letter thing as soon as possible were are more then let,,kindly…so so

    • have been trying to find Ku admission letters but it seens they are not yet posted online plz do something we are being left behind

  12. Plz Ku administration help us find our admission are saying that they have been released and yet we are not seeing them online? Please do something u are being left behind other universities Ave notified their respective students on when to report……

  13. Comment:I think we have to be patient .for me instead of waiting for the letter I’ve gone forward to pick the forms and filling them where necessary I’ve also gone for medical check up and I think am almost done with it so that when the letter comes I will just be waiting for the day

  14. Comment:please to the ku fraternity at large kindly advice us on how to access our admisdion letter,we are late guys…

  15. Comment: I have tried searching for my kenyatta university admission letter but I’ve not found it.

  16. Comment:I tried many times but I can’t found my admission letter also, I think they are not yet uploaded let’s be patiant.

  17. av been placed at k.u but I cannot find my admission letter. I visited the main campus wakasema letter zitakua released and tunareport sept. But when??

  18. Comment:sincerely , Ku says admission letters is already and no one can account for his own admission letter.

  19. we are left in a state of panic…..are they out really!!?? maybe i donno how to check em online…someone helpme please


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