Hivisasa Recruitment 2018 for Senior Backend Engineer, Application Details

Hivisasa Recruitment 2018 for Senior Backend Engineer, Application Details

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Hivisasa Recruitment 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Hivisasa Recruitment 2018

Current Stack: Express Node.js, Java 8, Elasticsearch, SQL, Spring framework (Spring-boot, Spring data, Spring security, Spring XD), Redis, Angular

Senior Backend Engineer Job Requirements:

  • 6+ years experience in software development
  • 4+ years experience with Python
  • Fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A python ninja obsessed with clean interfaces and maintainable code
  • Ready to tackle challenges end to end and learn new skills
  • Excited to develop, coach, and lead future team members
  • Passionate about establishing good dev practices and improving the code base
  • You enter conversations with strong opinions, weakly held

Roles for the Senior Backend Engineer Job

  • You will develop the next generation Hivisasa CMS.
  • Your first task will be to explore and evaluate python CMS platforms and to drive the discussion on which one we choose.
  • You will also participate in the design of where in our infrastructure the new CMS system will live and how it will interact with our other services.
  • You will then work to extend the chosen framework to match our requirements.


  • Heroku, ElasticSearch, Continuous Integration, Angular, Linux, Redis, Opera Mini, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Kibana, Facebook Ads, Facebook APIs
  • Ad networks (Google Ads, Monetize More, Taboola)
  • News media or blog sites and related challenges such as time-sensitive SEO
  • Experience working on sites with millions of page views per day, load testing, scaling

We are:

Tech at Hivisasa is a very small team. We expect you to take an active role in architecting solutions and evolving the tech team culture / best practices. We already have a product with > 3 million uniques per month, 100,000’s of page views per day. This is a great testbed on which to iterate new features. You will have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the organization and our user base immediately!

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What is Hivisasa:

Hivisasa is a place for African audiences to create, discover and share content. We are driven by our mission to elevate local and national debates by informing readers, providing a rewarding discussion platform, and decentralising the flow of information. Media is very controlled in this part of the world and the internet offers a chance for people with different voices to come together and get heard.

How to Apply

Email: [email protected]

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