Farm Concern International Job Vacancy 2018 for Programme Trade Facilitator, Application Details

Farm Concern International Job Vacancy 2018 for Programme Trade Facilitator, Application Details

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Farm Concern International Job Vacancy 2018 Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Farm Concern International Job Vacancy 2018

  • Location: Meru County

Farm Concern International, FCI, is an Africa-wide agri-market development agency specialized in;

  • Value Chain Analysis,
  • Profitable Smallholder Commercialization and
  • Market Access
  • Capacity Development
  • Enterprise Incubation & Graduation.

Our experiential journey spans over almost a decade and a half, with scaling up having been rolled out in over 24 countries in Africa, impacting 18 million smallholder farmers and agro-pastoralists.

Position Definition: This position is a daily implementation of programme activities and requires exceptional skills in guiding frontline teams to achieve targets in the field.

The incumbent must have proven track record of effectively and successfully driving a team of at least 3-10 frontline team into achieving results without compromising quality of outcomes.

Additionally, this position requires the ability to mobilize communities, collect data and write reports. The following abilities are required for this position:


The incumbent should have a minimum of Diploma in agriculture, horticulture, animal health, agribusiness, agricultural economics and 2 Years working experience; with 1 year in field activity implementation

Programme Trade Facilitator Job Responsibilities

Farmers Technical support

  • Building capacity of farmers/farmer groups through pieces of training and farmer community-based forums.
  • Facilitate the transfer of technology and innovations to the community for efficient production and more returns.
  • Facilitate activities that enhance group cohesiveness and sustainability of target activities.
  • Co-ordinate input supplies/agro-commodities among the Commercial Village members
  • Partnership development with key project partners (Communities, MOALF, Project partners and Agro dealers)
  • Participate in major project forums geared towards building creating a platform for various partners to train & expose farmers on technology

Monitoring and Evaluation function

  • Private sector investment data tracking, compilation and sharing on monthly basis
  • Market data collection, collation and sharing
  • Develop weekly, monthly plans & reports
  • Data collection, verification and documentation on production, sales, savings, investments, partnerships resulting from the project implementation
  • Maintenance of databases for farmers, traders, partners and stakeholders-Including keeping track of each category and their roles within the project

Lessons sharing

  • Develop and share farmer/partner case studies to profile impact of the project
  • Documentation of lessons learnt within the areas of implementation
  • Participating in review planning & meetings

Production and sales linkages and management

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  • Identifying viable markets & facilitating market linkages to smallholder farmers in the respective value chains
  • Collection of monthly sales data facilitated through the established bulking centers
  • Organize business forums between project beneficiaries and Private Sector players
  • Coordinating inputs access and distribution to smallholder farmers
  • Establishment of market partnerships with various levels of markets ranging from traditional, medium and large scale agro-processing companies

Requirements for the Programme Trade Facilitator Job

  • Planning of field activities
  • Community mobilization and event organization
  • Capacity to deliver training for partners, staff, clients
  • Develop Strategic partnerships with governments, development partners, private sector
  • Efficient basic budgeting and resource control
  • Data collection and report writing
  • Management & development of frontline staff

Position Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Proven Experience in training and managing capacity development initiatives.
  • Previous experience in developing and managing partnership with governments, development partners and private sector
  • Demonstrated experience in data collection and report writing
  • Previous experience in leading a team of at least 10 staff

How to Apply

Applications including a detailed curriculum vitae and references should be sent to reach the by 4th October, 2018 stating the reference code on the subject line.

Locals are encouraged to apply and must be a holder of a valid Motorbike driving license.

The shortlisting will be ongoing as applications are received.

Farm Concern International is an Equal opportunity employer


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