Evidence Action Recruitment 2018 for Monitoring & Research Manager, Application Details

Evidence Action Recruitment 2018 for Monitoring & Research Manager, Application Details

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Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants for Evidence Action Recruitment 2018. Interested applicant(s) ought to follow the details and procedures on this page to secure this opportunity.

Evidence Action Recruitment 2018

The Monitoring, Learning and Information Systems (MLIS) department aims to support Evidence Action’s programs by providing access to high quality data via the implementation of our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services. The MLIS team embodies the evidence-based nature of Evidence Action’s work and enables Evidence Action to be a cutting-edge, data-driven organization.

Manager – Monitoring and Evaluation Design & Data, is responsible for the timely delivery of high quality monitoring and evaluation designs & systems, data management and data analysis for Evidence Action Programs across the Africa Region.

The position serves Evidence Action programs in across the Africa Region. The position will also provide support to Evidence Action program in other non-Africa region as appropriate. The holder of this position will interact directly with Evidence Action senior regional leadership.

Duties and responsibilities

1) Designing and Implementing Program Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Lead measurement, sampling, and survey strategy and design for program monitoring and evaluation
  • Research, test, and specify well targeted, achievable performance targets and key performance indicators for Evidence Action’s programs.
  • Collaborate with data collection team to establish the broad procedures and timelines for program monitoring needs.
  • Develop and ensure the appropriate use of Evidence Action’s Research Checklist – a suite of documents including standardized forms for research requests, concept notes, pre-analysis plans, and analysis-based reports and recommendations.
  • In collaboration with the program team, design and update Theory of change documents, Monitoring & Evaluation framework, sampling plan and program-specific assumptions and communicate the underlying logic to program teams.
  • Ensure that throughout the life of each program, the monitoring practices are providing the specific information required to provide impact measures, foster program improvements, and meet donor requirements.
  • Lead monitoring design and reporting for all data collected for carbon crediting purposes.
  • Support design, as well as pilot and adapt all data collection instruments

2) Prioritizing Research Agenda

  • Identify, prioritize, and implement opportunities for secondary research, specifically in the areas of market research, operations research, supply chain research, and community sensitization/engagement and share findings with the learning and communications team
  • Oversee cost-modeling to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various proposed programmatic adjustments
  • Guide the development of the research design for approved research inquiries and pilots
  • Write publicly consumable research-based writings for external audiences interested in Evidence Action’s data-driven decision making approaches.
  • Ensuring highest standards of ethics and data security are observed by staff especially those with access to Evidence Action’s or partners’ data
  • Apply leading-edge thinking and best practice at all stages of the research process and ensure that research and evaluation outputs are delivered to the highest standards, on time and on budget

3) Leading Evidence Action’s Analysis and Data Management.

  • Identify and appropriately select innovative methods of data management & analysis that will enable actionable recommendations for Evidence Action programs.
  • Plan and undertake useful analysis for evidence-based decision making using MIS-based data and field data as needed by the program for evidence-based decision making, including actively identifying areas where evidence would be useful to the program
  • Conducting GIS-based analysis and representation of data using info-graphic tools for presentations and reports.
  • Ensure that analysis scripts and outputs are well organized, reproducible, and adhere to templates to improve efficiency
  • Build tools that codify the procedures used by Evidence Actions’ to define the threshold of “appropriate evidence” for programmatic decisions.
  • Lead analysis design efforts and ensure that analysis outputs are technically sound
  • Share and ensure understanding of the methodology, conclusions, and recommendations of analysis efforts by program team leadership and learning and communication staff

4) Managing a Team of data managers and data analysts

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  • Recruit, retain, and manage a team of data managers and analysts, including 4 senior associates and 4 – 8 associates.
  • Guarantee the ongoing development team member’s professional skills and capacities
  • Support programs in the sourcing and management of external consultants for areas of technical expertise that do not exist in the program.

5) Collaborate with the Data Learning and Data collection teams.

  • Work closely with other MLIS Managers (Data Learning manager and Field Monitoring & Training Manager) to ensure that all deliverables to programs are of high standards, timely and within budget

Key performance Indicators

  • Nature and Scope of work: Take lead on all MLIS M&E designs, data management and data analysis
  • Management Breadth: Manage a team of about 11 data managers and analysts; Coordinate the delivery of deliverables of the teams; ensure the team collaborates significantly with supporting teams. Troubleshoots day to day task and people management issues within the team/region ease.
  • Planning and Accountability: Take lead in annual work-planning for the team
  • External Engagement: Engage with external stakeholders with ease where needed
  • Systems Development and Implementation: Take lead in drafting, reviewing and approving data management and analysis systems and protocols to be used by the team in its daily work within their geography or scope of work.
  • Budget and Financial Management: Prepare and manage annual budget; approve expenditures for levels 4 and below within the team.


  • Master’s degree in economics, statistics or another quantitative field
  • A minimum of 4+ years’ experience including 2+ managing a team of researchers/analysts
  • Strong familiarity with a range of data processing, statistical, geospatial software packages such as Stata, Excel, R, CSPro, Open Data Kit, ArcGIS, OmniGraffle etc. with the ability to learn and adapt to new programs. Knowledge of data visualization tools such as Tablue, will be an added advantage.
  • Strong interest in research on public health, epidemiology, water, and/or sanitation; prior knowledge of the associated literature a plus
  • Work experience in entrepreneurial or start-up environments in Africa
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills to work effectively with a team that is geographically dispersed
  • Self-directed/self-motivating personality, with proven ability to manage demands from multiple supervisors while adhering to program deadlines and priorities
  • Strong critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Intellectual flexibility and willingness to form and adjust opinions based on evidence
  • Quick to learn, motivated to self-teach and capable of independently translating new knowledge into practice
  • Willingness to travel

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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