Evidence Action Job Recruitment 2018 Senior Associate, MIS

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Evidence Action aims to be a world leader in scaling evidence-based and cost-effective programs to reduce the burden of poverty for hundreds of millions of people in the poorest places. Our two flagship at-scale programs, Deworm the World and Dispensers for Safe Water , reached over 200 million people this year. Three of our programs – Deworm the World, No Lean Season, and Dispensers for Safe Water – have been named ‘Top’ or ‘Standout’ charities by GiveWell in 2017, with Deworm the World being named a Top Charity for the 5th year in a row

The Management and Information System (MIS) team is part of the larger Monitoring Learning and Information System (MLIS team) within Evidence Action. MLIS is an internal consulting team that provides timely access to data for evidence-based decision making for programs through well-designed monitoring and analysis. The MIS team is r esponsible for programming data collection and entry tools as well as managing information systems and cloud-based multi-user systems to ensure that Evidence Action’s programs have access to timely and useful data. The senior associate at MIS will be responsible for managing and delivering the team’s annual objectives and providing technical support both internally within the MIS team and externally with MLIS and othr Evidence Action program team staff. The position holder’s role will require keen technical ability combined with the project management skills to develop and manage program information systems.

Duties and Responsibilities: As part of the wider MLIS team the Senior Associate will be responsible for delivery of team objectives and the day to day operations of the MIS team. Key responsibilities will include

Overseeing the ongoing maintenance of the MLIS server to ensure its integrity and functionality.In particular:

  • Conduct regular data back-up and syncing to safeguard the data in the cloud and local database.
  • Support staff at MLIS and program teams to upload data to the server and download data when required as well as seek ways to improve server functionality for users (speed, storage etc.).
  • Manage any upgrade and integration of new technologies onto the server as required.
  • Work closely with the data collection team to support data collection activities so as to ensure that data being sent to the cloud data storage is being properly received.

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Manage the content, layout and functionality of the MLIS management information system (PROGMIS). The senior associate will:

  • Ensure the MIS system (PROGMIS) is functioning properly and that data on the system is accurate and up to date.
  • Manage PROGMIS users, maintaining existing accounts and adding new users when required. They will support new and existing users to access and use PROGMIS by providing regular training and developing ‘how to’ manuals and presentations.
  • Work alongside other team members in MLIS as well as program teams to upgrade the layout and usability of PROGMIS, including developing more visually appealing and innovative ways to display data on the system (i.e dashboards, content layout) and take the lead in the implementation of suggested modifications and additions to PROGMIS.
  • Maintain and upgrade the Evidence Action public dashboards that are currently linked to the PROGMIS system. This includes maintaining the functionality of these dashboards and regularly monitoring whether data uploaded is recent and accurate

Be the lead for ensuring electronic data security at MLIS. The senior associate will review existing measures in place to protect MLIS electronic data and implement safeguards to further protect data making sure that all MLIS measure on data security are in line with Evidence Action’s global IT policy requirements.

Manage the programming and upgrading of standardized electronic data collection instruments using ODK and other software. The senior associate will work with other teams in MLIS to maintain and update data dictionaries/codebooks for all data collection instruments used by MLIS. They will work closely with the data management team to ensure that data is clearly defined and remains consistent across all databases.

Providing ongoing support to program teams on ad hoc information systems related tasks . This includes:

  • Conducting research and providing guidance to program teams when required on new software/hardware and technologies that would assist program teams in ensuring better information management and program implementation.
  • Offer technical systems to programs to resolve issues related to MLIS software or hardware (such as mobile phones)
  • Provide capacity building to staff members (both MIS and other Evidence Action staff) on software/hardware related to information systems as required.

Develop and manage the MIS team. The senior associate will be responsible for overseeing the MIS team including:

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  • Developing and implementing team workplans to inform immediate and long term activities and projects for MIS team, in line with Program needs and priorities.
  • Oversee any deliverables completed by external vendors and ensure that all vendor outputs are delivered on time and as per terms of contracts
  • Develop and communicate systems detailing interaction between other MLIS sub-teams and Programs with MIS platforms
  • Develop MIS team and ensure smooth and continuous workflow and communication between team members by communicating job expectations, planning, monitoring and appraising job results.
  • Organize team capacity building as required

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Maintaining and upgrading the MLIS management information system PROGMIS
  • Maintaining and upgrading (as required) the MLIS server
  • Enhancing electronic data security at MLIS
  • Ensuring the that programming for electronic data collection tools is timely and accurate so that data collection for program teams is efficient and of high quality
  • Be innovative in identifying ways to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of information system deliverables at MLIS, including identifying new technologies, software or processes that could enhance and simplify existing systems.


  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or information systems with demonstrated knowledge in system analysis and design
  • Demonstrated knowledge in database design, development and maintenance using relational databases and database languages such as PostgreSQL/MySQL and/or Oracle is desirable.
  • Experience developing data dashboards and/or experience developing or working with data visualization software
  • Working knowledge in Linux server administration
  • Demonstrated knowledge in the use and implementation of php/html/CSS/JavaScript or similar web and application development languages is required.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of use of Linux server technology is desirable.
  • Experience working with android survey technologies such ODK or SurveyCTO and Android application programming.
  • Strong management skills and capacity to motivate, train, direct and supervise a team of associates and floating developers

Additional skills include:

  • Leadership and management skills, some prior experience of managing IS or IT teams would be valuable
  • Strong self-motivation and ability to work vigilantly under minimum supervision.
  • Innovative mind set and an enthusiastic approach to tasks and challenges.
  • Ability to communicate articulately both in written and spoken English.
  • Flexible mind set and a positive attitude to work in a fast changing environment.
  • Good organization skills and strong ability to multitask.
  • Ability and willingness to travel to field offices when the need arises.


How to Apply

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