Cytonn Investments Job Vacancy For Portfolio Manager Jobs, Application Details

Cytonn Investments Job Vacancy For Portfolio Manager Jobs, Application Details

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Cytonn Investments is an independent investment management firm, with offices in Nairobi – Kenya and D.C. Metro – U.S. We are primarily focused on offering alternative investment solutions to global and local institutional investors, individual high net-worth investors, and diaspora investors interested in the East-African region. Our investments are in real estate and private equity. Real estate investments are made through our development affiliate, Cytonn Real Estate, where we currently have over Kshs. 82 billion of projects under mandate across ten projects. In private equity, we invest in banking, insurance, education, hospitality and technology.

Cytonn Financial Services is a quoted investments strategy that seeks long-term capital growth and investment return through investing in financial services sector stocks in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The main aim is to get exposure in both value and growth stocks in the financial services sector in the select SSA countries that possess a high potential return, in the form of capital appreciation and dividend yield.

In order to achieve the above, Cytonn investments is inviting applications from talented individuals to join the team as a Portfolio Manager with a specialization in the Financial Services Sector. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to participate in a strong incentive programme, including equity ownership into the company.

The position is primarily responsible for creating and managing investment allocations. The position is also responsible for determining the appropriate level of risk based on the risk preferences, return expectations and market conditions.

Table of Contents

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Portfolio Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of market conditions, trends and overall economic outlook in the Sub-Saharan Africa space
  • Active oversight of the portfolio management of the Cytonn Financial Services Fund, including periodic updates to the relevant on investment and market performance and securities trading
  • Keep up with relevant investment and trade news by reading timely, expert finance or investment publications
  • Maintaining client relationships: regular contact with investor clients regarding market conditions, updated investment research and economic trends
  • Periodic evaluation of the performance of predetermined investment packages, as well as meeting standards provided by regulatory organizations
  • Ensuring compliance with investor disclosures, privacy laws, anti-money laundering requirements and anti-fraud measures
  • Participating in the evaluation, formulation and implementation of investment strategies,
  • Preparing written reports and verbal presentations,
  • Contributing in investment meetings and review sessions,
  • Performing other duties as assigned.

Requirements for the Portfolio Manager Job

  • Must have achieved at least a B+ or equivalent in high school
  • A graduate degree, with a minimum 2nd Class, Upper Division in Accounting, Finance or a business related course
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the financial services or investment field, with a focus on providing portfolio recommendations to clients or in-depth financial or market analysis
  • Applicant required to have relevant industry designations or certifications (e.g. CFA), with a strong financial background
  • High degree of efficiency in data interpretation and a penchant for research and analysis
  • Applicant must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of financial markets, economics and portfolio theory more so in the Sub Saharan Africa region
  • Must be client-focused, with a desire and ability to communicate frequently with investor clients regarding their accounts and investment performances
  • Strong communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Good analytical and quantitative reasoning
  • Strong organizational and time management skills -ability to adhere to deadlines, multi-task and be able to prioritize
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with demonstrated creativity & innovation in business,
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office, with exceptional skills in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • A team player with strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and manage workload, work effectively under pressure in a demanding environment.

How to Apply

If you meet the above qualifications, apply through our recruitment portal.

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