Chalkstone Political Risk Management Job Vacancies 2018 for Senior Researcher

Chalkstone Political Risk Management Job Vacancies 2018 for Senior Researcher

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Chalkstone, founded in 2014 and registered in the United Kingdom, is a Cambridge-based strategic advisory firm specialized in the management of critical socio-political and community risks by building trust through effective communications.


Work to be performed

The Team Leader/ Lead Researcher will be Chalkstone’s principal programme representative and will be responsible for leading and delivering field research in Turkana and overall programme management.


The successful candidate will lead the research for the project which seeks to analyse the local political economy of Turkana County, Kenya in order to develop a blueprint for Mosaic, Chalkstone’s Community Engagement Platform, based on fieldwork using a mixed methods data collection approach. The survey instruments, training, and material support will be provided in English and must be translated into Swahili and Turkana.


Detailed tasks to be performed:


  1. Local team recruitment (6-12 field locally resident staff to undertake data collection (quantitative and qualitative surveys)
  2. Data collection training
  3. Field supervision of data collection/ validation
  4. Translation of the survey instruments and collected field data
  5. Electronic data entry
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Report writing – English


The Team Leader/ Lead Researcher will also oversee local coordination with nominated Client representatives, government officials, key private sector actors, subcontractors, and other critical stakeholders and will be accountable for achievement of programme results and objectives. He/She will have direct supervisory responsibility over the local team as well as other technical and management staff.


Educational Background

The successful candidate will have a university degree, preferably to Masters level, in one of the following disciplines:


Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, International Development


Language Requirement


English, Swahili and ideally, Turkana


Additional Responsibilities

·       Participate in the establishment of the project’s strategic vision and core principles with the field team, home office, and the client, and ensure these are communicated and reinforced throughout the organisation

·       Design an organisational structure that fosters effective on-going communication and flexibility to work in teams

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·       Serve as the primary point of contact with the Client, Government stakeholders (Ministries of Mines and Petroleum and Energy as well as relevant county government counterparts), and key extractives industry actors, forging and maintaining strong, positive relationships throughout implementation

·       Provide managerial oversight of the design and execution of project implementation strategies and activities

·       Work with technical and administrative managers to design and implement a project management and monitoring system based on the contract scope of work

·       Ensure that all assistance provided under the contract is technically sound, appropriate, and in service of high-level project goals and that all project activities comply with Chalkstone’s and Client’s rules and regulations.

·       Ensure that all technical and financial reporting and deliverables are complete, high quality and submitted in a timely and professional manner

·       Identify and liaise with institutional partners at all levels, developing productive working relationships with them to ensure coordination of relevant programmes and activities.

·       Lead in the creation and formation of mechanisms and partnerships that leverage the resources of international and national private sector firms in support of project goals.

·       Perform additional tasks and responsibilities as required

How to Apply

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

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