Care International Job Vacancy For Wash Officer NGO, Application Details

Care International Job Vacancy For Wash Officer NGO, Application Details

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REF: WO/12/2017

CARE has a commitment to gender, equity and diversity in our workplace and operations. CARE respects and values diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, age, disability, religion or politics. This is reflected in our recruitment decisions which are made entirely through a transparent, merit-based selection process.

All CARE staff are required to comply with the Code of Conduct and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) policies. CARE is committed to protecting the rights of the communities whom we serve, and therefore reserves the right to conduct background checks and other screening procedures to ensure a safe, dignified work environment.

Reporting to the WASH Coordinator, the water sanitation and hygiene Officer will be responsible for all aspects of Water supply i.e. efficient and effective water supply system in the respective camp, inspection and monitoring of routine water supply and maintenance of the reticulation systems to ensure minimal or no interruption of water supply. She/he will carry out assessment of boreholes behavior, aquifer monitoring and report any glaring anomalies to the WASH Coordinator for quick action. Provide accurate production records and interpretation of the same.

The WASH officer will also be responsible for promotion of Hygiene and Sanitation in the refugee camp. This will entail; designing and monitoring the construction and use of sanitary facilities, capacity building and monitoring of staff, advising and ensuring compliance to Public Health regulations, supervision of the general camp sanitation, research surveys, reporting on activities and implementing hygiene promotion activities to enable the community live in satisfactory sanitary conditions for a healthy and productive life. The incumbent shall lead a team of both Kenyan and Refugee Community Workers.

Table of Contents

WASH Officer Job Responsibilities

Maintenance of Water Pipelines and Applied appurtenance

  • Ensure smooth running and uninterrupted water reticulation system all round.
  • In collaboration with other team members give technical extension information to the tap stand monitors on areas of facilities proper/prudent management for sustainability.
  • In consultation with master plumber, prioritize the work for the day to ensure minimum water interruption and distribution within the supply hours.
  • Project planning for construction activities and water pipeline installation in the respective camp.
  • Coordination of project activities at field/camp level.
  • Approve of work done by the contractor/or sub-contractor after ensuring it meets required standards.
  • Updating the WASH Coordinator on a weekly basis on work in progress on WASH from their respective camp.

Water Resources Management and Development

  • Assessment of day to day behavior and operation of boreholes, checking for signs for preventive maintenance.
  • Carrying out of aquifer monitoring procedures and tests and the interpretation of step draw-down, recovery rates and thereby come up with appropriate actions for remedy and sustainable exploitation of ground water resources.
  • Interpretation of the geological survey report before and during the drilling process and guiding the drilling contractor accordingly.
  • Acquisition of aquifer data and hence design of the borehole on the basis of this data as well as the drilling logs obtained during the drilling process.

Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion

  • Design and supervise the construction/installation of sanitation and hygiene facilities.
  • Design and facilitate mass awareness campaigns during disease outbreaks in liaison with other implementing partners and mobilize the community to undertake preventive measures.
  • Develop materials for training the community, schools, and sanitation and hygiene promotion teams.
  • Design, develop and ensure distribution of appropriate Information Education Communication materials for sanitation and hygiene promotion in schools and the community
  • Design weekly, monthly and yearly camp specific work plans for public health promotion within the parameters of the approved budget and donor agreement.
  • Reinforce behavior change communication at household level through case by case counseling and FGDs on the various domains of hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • Facilitate distribution of hygiene kits/sanitation kits.
  • Strengthen School Sanitation and Hygiene Education (SSHE) in primary schools, secondary schools, Dugsi’s and Madarasa.
  • Organize and facilitate Training of Trainers (ToTs) on sanitation and hygiene promotion technologies and approaches/strategies.
  • Mentor and appraise the team under his/her charge as well as WASH committees.

Project Implementation and Supervision

  • Schedule and prepare work plans for field activities in consultation with the WASH Coordinator.
  • Prepare job contracts, supervise work and process payments upon job completion and submit to the supervisor.
  • Approve and ensure proper handling and utility of sector resources in the camp.
  • Monitor material stock levels, and advice the supervisor for timely and appropriate procurement/deliveries.
  • Ensures that standards and specifications for works and materials deliveries are adhered to and gives recommendation(s) to the management as necessary, including certification of completed works for payments.


  • Planning and organizing review meetings with stakeholders.
  • Collection of baseline information through pre and post KAP surveys.
  • Conducting pre and post training assessments on knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Monitor sanitation and hygiene promotion outreach activities/situation in the blocks.
  • Conduct disease surveillance in collaboration with the health partners on water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases.
  • Constantly review and analyze approaches and practices in sanitation and hygiene promotion.

Collaboration, Liaison and Networking

  • Represent RAP in coordination and technical working group meetings at the camp level and represent the program at other levels when called upon.
  • Promote continuous involvement of the refugee community in sector work at task execution levels.


  • Drafting update reports on various WASH activities as required to the WASH coordinator e.g. monthly sitreps and others as may be necessary.


  • Spending Authority: N/A
  • Supervision: Directly supervises Master Plumbers and Refugee Community Workers (directly supervise 7 Team Leaders)
  • Decision Making: Makes various decisions on program planning and implementation.

Contacts/Key Relationships

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  • External: UNHCR-field officer, DRA, Public Health Officer (GOK), Health providers.
  • Internal: Administration Unit, Safety and Security Unit, Education Sector, HR, Logistics sector, Finance, Procurement, PQLU

Working Conditions

The position is based in Dadaab (Hagadera camp) as well as any other extension camps and other program sites. This is a non-family work station.

Hot weather is prevalent throughout the year with limited basic amenities. Road movement between the work station and Garissa as well as inter-camp movement must be under police escort (scheduled convoys), with strict adherence to safety and security instructions all the time.

It is a six days work station with a compensatory time off according to CTO policy.
The incumbent shall reside in the CARE compound while executing official duties and shall obey and adhere to residential compound regulations.

Qualifications for the WASH Officer Job

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health/Environmental Health/Water Engineering
  • 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • Diploma Holders in Public Health/Community Health Development/Environmental Health/Water Engineering, from a recognized university or college, with 4 years of work experience in a humanitarian context will be considered for the position.


  • Adequate knowledge of the Humanitarian Charter and Principles in regard to WASH.
  • Ability to work in multicultural setting and with minimum supervision is desirable.
  • Community mobilization and sensitization skills.
  • Resource mobilization and proposal development.
  • Demonstrable skills and experience in utilization of data analysis and management software.
  • Good report writing and communication skills and proficiency in Microsoft office.


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