Brites Management Job Vacancy For Technical Operator 5 Posts (50K), Application Details

Brites Management Job Vacancy For Technical Operator 5 Posts (50K), Application Details

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Our client, a manufacturing company seeks to recruit 5 Technical Operators the aim of the job is to deliver finished products on time and in full consistent with intended Productivity, Quality, Delivery, Safety and Morale expectation.

General Responsibilities

  • Observing all rules and regulations as stipulated in the company policies and regulations (Food safety policy, hygiene rules, code of conduct).
  • Signing and following of SOPs and as directed by the supervisor.
  • Report to the supervisor any untoward activity or that which goes against the spirit of the food safety policy and the hygiene rules
  • Responsible for housekeeping (Cleaning and arranging of items in an orderly manner) around the work area at all times during and after production.
  • Record keeping of all work including waste generated from work.

Table of Contents

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Duties for the Technical Operator Job

  • Focusing on factory operational efficiencies for lines allocated; OEE and OTIFEF
  • Full implementation of Kaizen concepts on lines allocated; 5S, SMED, AM Step 1 & 2
  • Writing daily production summary reports on time.
  • Updating weekly and monthly figures on the Continuous Improvement Board
  • Training machine attendants and operators on advanced settings and troubleshooting
  • Managing visual displays on allocated lines and machines
  • Maintaining and updating machine settings on site(machines) and Production Folder
  • Cleaning, Inspection and Lubrication of all machines and their records and any other assignment as directed by superior.
  • Calculate mean time between failures and mean time to repair and be part of root cause seeking thereof.
  • Participate in all problem solving sessions where machines are involved.
  • Ensure that process equipment are maintained clean all the time and update cleaning records.
  • Report any product non-conformities as a result of machine failure to the section supervisor, and isolate any affected product to prevent unintended use.
  • Maintain proper documentation of all the activities as stipulated in the various SOPs.
  • Should learn how to run and operate all machinery in production. (G1, G2,G4 & Grinding)
  • Able to train new operators (and old ones) on how to run and operate the machines properly/reduce down time and stoppage time (increase up time) and reduce raw materials wastage.
  • Checking of all machines (having a check list) every day, and maintains complete machine history.
  • Identifying problem/root cause on all machines that might delay the production and or cause non conformities on the product.
  • Reporting (or raising a job card) any machine to Engineering that requires immediate repair, and to be able to identify and justify machines problem/s that repair or maintenance can be delayed (in favor of production) without causing additional problems or damage on the machine.
  • Working hand in hand with the Production Planners to prepare weekly production plans
  • Ensuring production is executed as per the ERP plan.
  • Taking good care of allocated tools and manuals, and conducting monthly audits on the same
  • Ensuring targets set on KPIs and Balanced Scorecard are achieved, and preparing reports/analysis on the same
  • Performing any other duties as assigned by the superiors.

Technical Operator Job Qualifications

  • Degree / Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering or Equivalent
  • At least 3 years’ working experience in FMCG (Manufacturing)
  • In Depth knowledge in Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Training and working knowledge of HACCP and ISO 22000
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong Microsoft Office skills
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple projects
  • Strong organizational, problem solving and analytical skills.

How to Apply

Qualified and interested candidates to send their CVs stating their skills, qualifications and experience Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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