Brites Management Job Vacancy For Call Center Manager (150K), Application Details

Brites Management Job Vacancy For Call Center Manager (150K), Application Details

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  • To provide maintenance support to the technical operations department of the company
  • Ensure all transmission equipment is working at all times and faults and repairs are done in a timely manner.
  • Meeting, and possibly setting, customer service targets as well as planning areas of improvement or development.
  • Ensures that calls and emails are answered by staff within agreed time scales and in an appropriate manner.
  • Mentoring, Coaching, evaluating, coordinate and motivate call center staff and may manage staff recruitment

Table of Contents

Call Center Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Manage the day to day running of the Call Center.
  • To oversee the optimal performance of the Call Center.
  • Maintains constant communication of floor needs, wants, concerns and plans.
  • Forecasts Manpower planning based on inbound/outbound call volume
  • Create and implement strategies to decrease errors in quality control and train for future effectiveness.
  • Work with all individual on daily basis to optimize campaign targets by adjusting and ensuring proper utilization of manpower and technology.
  • Track against projected forecast.
  • Monitor employee attendance and shift changes.
  • Coordinate all floor supervisors


  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Understands oneself, effectively manages emotions, listens and communicates with respect, and builds trusting relationships.
  • Leads Positively: Leads by example to cultivate a climate of motivation, positive energy and meaning in work. Assesses, selects, recognizes, develops, and empowers diverse talent.
  • Accountability: Meets established expectations and takes responsibility for achieving results; encourages others to do the same.

Qualifications for the Call Center Manager Job

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from an accredited University/College required.
  • At least 5years’ experience in an busy call/contact center environment at Supervisory or Managerial level
  • One year of operational experience in a call center
  • Ability to provide effective leadership to a large team
  • Ability to train and mentor individuals and/or a group
  • Ability to interact at a high level with clients and internal leadership
  • Ability to manage and provide feedback to all types of individuals
  • Ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment
  • Ability to create training documents

How to Apply

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Qualified candidates should send CV’s quoting relevant skills and experience Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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