List Of Courses Offered At Aldai Technical Training Institute


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Aldai Technical Training Institute Courses Offered | Aldai Technical Training Institute list of available faculties, courses, programmes offered at the institution.

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 Aldai Technical Training institute

Are you looking for the list of courses offered at Aldai Technical Training Institute? The following is the list of available courses/programmes offered at Aldai Technical Training Institute that is open for admissions.

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Aldai Technical Training Institute courses available for admission.  The list of accreditated courses on offer for admission into the Aldai Technical Training Institute has been released. See the comprehensive list of all Degree, Master, Postgraduate Diploma and PHD courses offered at Aldai Technical Training Institute.

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List of Faculties and Courses offered at Aldai Technical Training Institute

Aldai Technical Training institute Courses – Artisan and Craft Courses

  1. Craft in Building Technology
  2. Artisan in Masonry
  3. Artisan in Carpentry and Joinery
  4. Craft in information Technology
  5. Craft in information Studies
  6. Craft in Social Work and Community Development
  7. Craft in information Science (KNEC)

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  2. Diploma in Social Work & Community Development
  3. Diploma in Accountancy
  4. Diploma in in Supply Chain Management
  5. Diploma in Business Administration/Management
  6. Diploma in information & Communication Technology
  7. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  8. Diploma in Land Surveying
  9. Diploma in Building Technology
  10. Diploma in information Studies


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