List Of Courses Offered At Africa International University

Africa International University Courses Offered | Africa International University list of available faculties, courses, programmes offered at the institution.

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 Africa International University

Are you looking for the list of courses offered at Africa International University? The following is the list of available courses/programmes offered at Africa International University that is open for admissions.

Africa International University courses available for admission.  The list of accreditated courses on offer for admission into the Africa International University has been released. See the comprehensive list of all Degree, Master, Postgraduate Diploma and PHD courses offered at Africa International University.

List of Faculties and Courses offered at Africa International University

Africa International University Diploma Courses

Africa International University Courses

  1. Diploma in Christian Ministries (2 years)
  2. Diploma in Psychology and Counseling (2 years)
  3. Diploma In Business Management
  4. Diploma in Human Resource management
  5. Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies
  6. Diploma in project management and evaluation
  7. Diploma in social work & community development
  8. Diploma in community health & development
  9. Diploma in Education:
    1. ICT
    2. ICT and Mathematics
    3. CRE/Social Studies

Africa International University Undergraduate Courses

Africa International University Courses

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Counselling (4 years or 2 years with credit transfer from relevant Diploma)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (4 years or 2 years with credit transfer from relevant Diploma)
  3. Bachelor of Theology (BTh) (4 years or 2 years for Theology Diploma holders)
  4. Bachelor of Education;
    1. Early Childhood Development (ECD)
    2. Primary education
    3. Secondary education
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies ( 4 years)
    1. Sustainable Community Development
    2. Urban Development.
  6. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (4 years)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Financial Management (4 years)
  8. Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology (4 years)
    1. Management Information System
    2. Software Development
    3. Computer Network

Africa International University Postgraduate Diploma Courses

Africa International University Courses

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (1 year)
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Theology (1 year)

Africa International University Master Courses

Africa International University Courses

  1. Master of Divinity (MDiv) (3 years full-time)
    1. MDiv in Biblical Studies
    2. MDiv in Church Education
    3. MDiv in Church History
    4. MDiv General
    5. MDiv in Mission Studies
    6. MDiv in Pastoral Studies
    7. MDiv in Theological Studies
    8. MDiv in Translation Studies
  2. Master of Arts (2 years full-time, 3 years part-time)
    1. MA in Biblical Studies
    2. MA in Church History
    3. MA in Translation Studies
    4. MA in Missions

Islamic Emphasis

  1. MA in Organizational Leadership
  2. MA in Pastoral Studies
  3. MA in TheologyMaster of Education
  4. Child Development and Family Studies
  5. Church Education
  6. Curriculum & Instruction
  7. Educational Leadership & Administration

Africa International University Courses

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Africa International University Doctoral Programs

Africa International University Courses

  1. PhD in Education (4 years)
    1. Curriculum & Instruction
    2. Church Education
    3. Educational Leadership & Administration
    4. Child Development & Family Studies
  2. PhD in Translation Studies
  3. PhD in InterReligious Studies
  4. PhD in Practical Theology (Coming soon)
  5. PhD in Theological Studies (4 years)
    1. Biblical Studies
    2. World Christianity
    3. Missions studies
    4. Theology & Development
    5. Theology & Culture

Additional Information Regarding ‘Africa International University Courses’.

This page will be updated when new courses are introduced in the institution.

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